The urbanites, especially super rich, neo-rich, higher middle class, are brainwashed by their education, media and political parties that:
➤ our rural people have been living in a state of extreme poverty and exploitative conditions for thousands of years;
➤ they have been badly exploited by the ruling classes, the social and religious traditions ;
➤ they have been badly afflicted by superstition and bias.
Brainwashing did not start recently. It has been going for at least a century or more. It is trans-generational brainwash.
This is real problem. The scientific paradigm will accept only those initiatives which can be ‘scientifically’ explained. What lies outside, is bound to be rejected or at best accepted with a condescending attitude. Personal experiences and results by millions of local communities does not matter much as they lack scientific temper! 😀
So worshiping cow on गोपाष्टमी is superstition :D. But worshiping Earth as mother is ok because we the superior scientific community decided to celebrate Earth Day!
Understand this: Civilization on this land was already thriving and was at her best before British took over. Agree, we were divided in small pockets but still we were living with same cultural values. Values that were murdered by current education. Make sure our future generations, our kids, do get trapped in such brainwash. Help them to understand local culture, side by side of global exposure. Help them to learn and respect local traditions. If they can follow them, great! If not following, at least, respect!
Those who are connected to their roots, will never engage in destruction activities. Be the one.