Can you run a diesel car with petrol? Or a petrol car with Kerosene? What if, you do that? What happens to engine?

Similarly, Ayurvedic medicines cannot be prepared with any other fuel but cow-dung. DESI COW DUNG. Period.

It is this vital factor, that is missing in preparation of Ayurvedic medicines now a days and so you see no impact of medicines. From purification of minerals to preparation of ark, fire is necessary and that too slow burning on cow-dung cake. No gas or electric burner can serve the purpose, like the car example I gave above.

Everyday millions of cows are slaughtered as they become useless for owners. Millions of them are forced for pregnancy to satisfy our milk thirst. And Ayurveda becomes irrelevant day by day in upcoming generations.

If there is one thing one can do to stop this nonsense, is SAVE COW and NURTURE COW. LOVE COW.

At least, teach your child a lesson that dung is not bad. Dung is boon! Mother Cow’s boon!