Who cooks, with what motive, matters most

[Old note written on Feb 19, 2012]

You must have experienced this feeling. If you prepare Samosa at home, you can eat more than a plate (2 nos). But when you outside, 1 plate is enough for most.

Selfless cooking, sheer love for the consumers – this is essential for instilling Prana in the food. More Prana in food, less trouble for you to digest it.

Reason why processed food is difficult to digest.
Reason why restaurant food is difficult to digest.

Lack of selfless cooking.
Lack of involvement.
Machines cannot instill Prana.
Lower motive of earning out of someone’s hunger.

Think about it.
Mind and Prana very much impact our digestive fire and potency of food.

Rajeswari Ranganathan ji shared wonderful picture and a note

Every child pine for attention; every child would love to be heard, every child would open up his/heart to someone really close.

The picture reflects pure unconditional love and affection. Technology provides solution to numerous problems. But technology cannot replace one-to-one communication.

Modernists may view the picture from a different angle (oppression, Mamma’s baby etc etc) I believe for many of us the picture evokes childhood memories.It’s not about cooking and serving favourite food alone. Chit chats, discussions, pranks,clarifying apprehension, anything and everything under the sun. The catchy phrase “quality time with children”, brings nothing but smirk. Why should we create barrier by fixing a quality time? Trust me, kitchen is an ideal spot and lays the foundation for many discussions and bonding.

During my childhood/teenage days, rushing to kitchen to share my school/college stories with my mother was a part of my after-school routine. I used to talk non-stop that one day my younger brother quipped “The attendance register of your class is with amma”. Today son continues a similar tradition.These are the little pleasures that makes our life beautiful and memorable.Of course, priceless too. Cooking range might have replaced the traditional stove, non-stick tawa replaced traditional griddle pan, salwars/gowns might have replaced saree; but the essence of motherhood remains irreplaceable.

सनातन कालयात्री ji shared on same topic

‘रसोई’ में कृषि उत्पाद पकाये जाते हैं। वन से लायी हुई औषधि और कृषि उत्पादित रस के योग से रोग शमन का उल्लेख अथर्ववेद में है (शौनक शाखा, 2.4.5)
शणश्च मा जङ्गिडश्च विष्कन्धादभि रक्षताम्।
अरण्यादन्य आभृत: कृष्या अन्यो रसेभ्य:॥
समझिये कि आहार भी औषधि है, इसीलिये आप के यहाँ ‘रसोई’ है।