Mother nature does not like vacuum. She will always act whenever there is vacuum in our body. Most of possible vacuum places in body are filled by bacteria. To maintain pro-health bacteria for prolonged time in GUT, food prepared by churning and fermentation is critical.

Churning and fermentation are two essential processes of Indian diet. Ghee, Honey, Gau-mutra, gau-gobar, Dahi, Idli, Dhosa etc. They invite beneficial microbial world in local environment to share the food. The purposeful application of fermentation and churning for food preservation, palatability, and other reasons is an ancient art. And benefits are not limited to this. When this microbial world reaches to Gut, they establishes colonies there. They prevent any pathogens to create colonies. They maintain mental health and exhibit resiliency against depression in particular.
Churning and fermentation used to perform at home. Not it is outsourced to demon establishments like Dairy. So all benefits are lost.

To begin with
1) Always churn/ferment at home
2) Prefer to procure fresh milk/ghee from a gau-shala practicing ethics ( Those who do not snatch calves milk, do not force artificial pregnancy, do not use hormones, do not mix polluted water, do not give processed food to gaus, allow gau to graze freely, allow potable drinking water to gaus)

If you cannot procure such raw milk, avoid dairy products.