There was a comment on my post on industrial meat and brain infection relation. It was like this:

Though I am a vegetarian, I feel bad when I see my non-veg eating friends who are more fit and comparatively more disease free. They do no have Vitamin B12 deficiency issues. Few proudly say:

“I am eating food (veg/non-veg) in hotels from last 15 years, I am perfectly healthy”.

“I eat and drink everything without thinking much about it, I have no health problem”

This article and my observations are not matching. There are several times I feel that I should start having meat.

I also receive same comments from many of my real life friends and relatives. One rational and so called liberal friend argued with me last night: ” I eat all kinds of food all the time for more than a decade. I am healthy so will be my child. I want my child to be fearless and eat anything and prepare body.”

🙂 This is I recognize as Convoluted logic to defend personal weaknesses.

First of all: Do we live life to eat or eat to live? Think about it.

Second: I really am not positive for adults past-25 age changing their habits. It hardly happens until they reach 40 and body stops supporting their habits. I prefer not to convince them.

What I am worried about and expect change is about our children. Future of Bharat. If we can guide children and provide them environment for healthy habits, we can envision much stronger generation than what we have at present. That is the opportunity we should focus on.

My response to this friend:

“Children eat and drink more than adults in relation to their body weight, and so take in relatively more residues.US figures show that, generally, children in the first six months of life consume seven times more water per kg of body weight than does the average adult.

Include artificial fruit juices, baby foods and all range of so called healthy but processed foods! 🙂

So who is more susceptible to toxins in processed and chemically grown food? We or our kids?

Take care. In your false arrogance and careless attitude towards food selection, you are doing injustice to growing possibilities in your child.”

So, it is idiotic and monstrous when you force your kid to eat same filthy restaurant food. Just because you don’t like cooking or have tongue-lust, your kid will suffer! I remember, I never eat outside food until I joined engineering college away from home. And I never felt the needed because my beloved mother cooked all superb food for us 🙂


Infants and young children have specific nutritional needs. They need up to 7 times more nutrients than an adult (per kg body weight). Therefore, with every spoon, a child has to eat significantly more nutrients than an adult.

Read this to realize and stop treating your kid as adult, for their food, entertainment and other needs!

Adult vs Infant
Adult vs Infant
Adult vs Infant
Adult vs Infant