Year -1 (in womb and before that when would-be parents are planning for child) to year 7 is rapid growth period. Imagine a construction site in first few months where rapid development is happening. Site is almost all day in chaotic state. Too many changes @ different corners.

Growing child too goes through rapid development cycles during first 7-8 years of life. And during this time, body connect and disconnect with several environmental and genetic factors. During these communications, many times, stress is observed by cells who are in transition, while becoming more mature organ from being immature/nascent.

During this duration, viral infection (I called it cellular stress) is natural. It happens at least 12 times a year. Sometimes in upper respiratory track and sometimes in Gut area. Sometimes fever, sometimes diarrhea or constipation. During this time, body enters into vital dialogue with Marut(s) or Prana or bacteria for getting instructions for further development. This happens under an optimal thermal state. But this is deemed as ‘fever’ by the doctor. Drugs are given to bring down the fever, and antibiotics are administered to knock the microbes out. A peace talk is thus aborted, the child acquires lifelong immuno-deficiency and his natural growing-up is thwarted. On top of it, we alter our environment so rapidly and so chaotically that chaos withing face difficulty in cope up with the chaos outside (which is expected as at peace to help chaos within). Results in autoimmune disorders. Allergy and Asthama.


Pediatrician friend suggests: Let body take care the development phases. running nose or regularly irregular bowel sensations are just fine for initial years. Problem with current generation is that they fall sick, not only because of development phases but also due to toxic environment and reckless life style of parents. So first thing parents should do is: Radically improve life style.

Intervene when only you see sudden toxic look or temp rises above 101. Only assistance you can provide in such chaos is, let the Prana is instilled enough by natural ways i.e. Turmeric, Lemon, Honey, Milk, Butter milk (all used in different conditions).

PS: I have just shared my understanding. Use your own common sense and take decisions as per your environment.