Pitru Impact: Mice can ‘warn’ sons, grandsons of dangers via sperm



Much of our life’s programming is done by father (and mother too) and his responses to environment.

Imperfection is human trait. So all parents are imperfect. With their own limitations, bad habits, their time’s compulsions and विकृति(s). This is the reason I keep insisting value of पितृ तर्पण. This is to get rid of parental imperfection. Both mental (mind/habits) and physical (genes). And get blessed by ancestors.


Mice can ‘warn’ sons, grandsons of dangers via sperm


Lab mice trained to fear a particular smell can transfer the impulse to their unborn sons and grandsons through a mechanism in their sperm, a study reveals.

The research claims to provide evidence for the concept of animals “inheriting” a memory of their ancestors’ traumas, and responding as if they had lived the events themselves.

It is the latest find in the study of epigenetics, in which environmental factors are said to cause genes to start behaving differently without any change to their underlying DNA encoding.

“Knowing how ancestral experiences influence descendant generations will allow us to understand more about the development of neuropsychiatric disorders that have a transgenerational basis,” says study co-author Brian Dias of the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia.

And it may one day lead to therapies that can soften the memory “inheritance”.

For the study, Dias and co-author Kerry Ressler trained mice, using foot shocks, to fear an odour that resembles cherry blossoms.

Later, they tested the extent to which the animals’ offspring startled when exposed to the same smell. The younger generation had not even been conceived when their fathers underwent the training, and had never smelt the odour before the experiment.

The offspring of trained mice were “able to detect and respond to far less amounts of odour… suggesting they are more sensitive” to it, says Ressler co-author of the study published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

They did not react the same way to other odours, and compared to the offspring of non-trained mice, their reaction to the cherry blossom whiff was about 200 percent stronger, he says.

The scientists then looked at a gene (M71) that governs the functioning of an odour receptor in the nose that responds specifically to the cherry blossom smell.

Pitru Tarpana and Epigenetics


Heredity – “The biological process whereby genetic factors are transmitted from one generation to the next”

Epigenetic – arising from non-genetic external factors

If genes work as per environment, epigenetically, heredity too is environmental and not genetical.

So diabetes or any xyz body/mental condition is not because of genes but environment.

Subtly, our Pitru legacy is also part of environment and not part of genes (and so it is spiritual ritual and not just medical procedure).

Tarpana vidhi helps you to negate negative effects of environmental legacy.

PS: Talking about subtle environment when I consider heredity as environmental. Several set of genes are transmitted from our paternal and maternal lines. Beyond physical form i.e. air, water and solid.

Epigenetics: A Turning Point in Our Understanding of Heredity


In a study published in late 2011 in Nature, Stanford University geneticist Anne Brunet and colleagues described a series of experiments that caused nematodes raised under the same environmental conditions to experience dramatically different lifespans. Some individuals were exceptionally long-lived, and their descendants, through three generations, also enjoyed long lives. Clearly, the longevity advantage was inherited. And yet, the worms, both short- and long-lived, were genetically identical.

Ancient Viruses lurk in our DNA



We discussed this before. You and me are conglomeration of helping hands lent to us by mother’s obedient workers. Bacterias, Viruses, Energy footprints, minds.

This ancient legacy is what we received from our ancestors. For which we never thank them 🙂 So selfish.

Fear of viruses and bacteria is like having fear from self. Fear of self-kill?


More ancient viruses lurk in our DNA than we thought

One whole endogenous retrovirus genome — and bits of 17 others — were spotted in a study of 2,500 human genomes


Nineteen new pieces of DNA — left by viruses that first infected our ancestors hundreds of thousands of years ago — have just been found, lurking between our own genes.

And one stretch of newfound DNA, found in about 50 of the 2,500 people studied, contains an intact, full genetic recipe for an entire virus, say the scientists who published their findings today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Whether or not it can replicate, or reproduce, it isn’t yet known. But other studies of ancient virus DNA have shown it can affect the humans who carry it.

In addition to finding these new stretches, the scientists also confirmed 17 other pieces of virus DNA found in human genomes by other scientists in recent years.

The study looked at the entire span of DNA, or genome, from people from around the world, including a large number from Africa — where the ancestors of modern humans originated before migrating around the world. The team used sophisticated techniques to compare key areas of each person’s genome to the “reference” human genome.

Working at Tufts University and the University of Michigan Medical School, the researchers made the findings with funding from the National Institutes of Health.

Discovery of unfixed endogenous retrovirus insertions in diverse human populations

The human endogenous retrovirus (HERV) group HERV-K contains nearly intact and insertionally polymorphic integrations among humans, many of which code for viral proteins. Expression of such HERV-K proviruses occurs in tissues associated with cancers and autoimmune diseases, and in HIV-infected individuals, suggesting possible pathogenic effects. Proper characterization of these elements necessitates the discrimination of individual HERV-K loci; such studies are hampered by our incomplete catalog of HERV-K insertions, motivating the identification of additional HERV-K copies in humans. By examining >2,500 sequenced genomes, we have discovered 19 previously unidentified HERV-K insertions, including an intact provirus without apparent substitutions that would alter viral function, only the second such provirus described. Our results provide a basis for future studies of HERV evolution and implication for disease.

About Interstellar and the Ancestral Help



न देवा दण्डमादाय रक्षन्ति पशुपालवत् |
यं तु रक्षितुमिच्छन्ति बुद्ध्या संयोजयन्ति तम् |
(- महाभारत)

God is not one who will walk behind guiding you like cows with a stick. But God gives intelligence (to solve problems by oneself) to one whom god wishes to protect.

(Thank you Aparna ji for sharing this quote)
Like how Murph was guided by her dad from fifth dimension (Gravity anomaly), all our forefathers too influence us, in positive or negative manner, based on their innate nature. Like Murph’s library (information) ghost, there is parental influence on our personality. I understand it as ‘Pitru Rina-पितृ रुण’ or relation with forefathers which influences our thoughts and actions.

Not only forefathers, singular consciousness or God guide us. All our thoughts, insights, inspirations, opportunities, situations in favor of societal transformation, selfless actions are sent to this universe from the other world. Who sent it? “They” as movie interstellar talks about.

Some of us use words like ‘Genetic imprints’ or ‘Heredity’ to explain forefathers influence. But in my understanding, this exchange of information does not happen just on physical plane, like it is shown in movie, but is a subject of mental plane. To receive potent hints, we must first clean and condition our minds so that we can receive the hints, decipher them (Like Murph did) and use the wise advises for the welfare of the family, society and the universe.

There are several rituals in the culture of this land (Not sure about other cultures, there may be similar rituals. Subject of research.), to purify mind. Most popular is Yoga. It helps in mind purification which can lead to life sustaining actions. Mind becomes more receptive for deciphering guidance sent from fifth dimension 🙂. It is different thing that rituals have become mechanical, devoid of real purpose.

I do not deny scientific way to explain interstellar. But this is also interesting aspect if you wish to ponder upon. Think about it. Even if you are non-believer or atheist, forefathers influence does impact. Think about it. Take care. (Y)

Pitru Science: Ancient Viral Footprints In DNA Prevents Infection Today



Under the toxic influence of mass mediums like movies, newspapers and TV news, we now really don’t remember and respect our ancestors.

श्राद्ध & पितृ तर्पण (tarapana) – We do it every year and get invisible help from ancestors legacy.

पितृ दोष – nothing but the physical and mental anomalies.

“Roughly eight percent of our DNA comes from viruses that infected our ancestors millions of years ago. New research by geneticists shows that more than an oddity, the viral DNA switches on genes responsible for initiating an immune response. When removed, the innate immune system — a first-responder to infection by pathogens including viruses — does not function properly. The study shows that viral DNA functions in our body by helping us fight infections.”

To activate or deactivate these genes is really a mental task. And a weak mind cannot receive help from the past. Nor the future can help.


Ancient Viral Invaders in Our DNA Help Fight Today’s Infections

Regulatory evolution of innate immunity through co-option of endogenous retroviruses


Endogenous retroviruses (ERVs) are abundant in mammalian genomes and contain sequences modulating transcription. The impact of ERV propagation on the evolution of gene regulation remains poorly understood. We found that ERVs have shaped the evolution of a transcriptional network underlying the interferon (IFN) response, a major branch of innate immunity, and that lineage-specific ERVs have dispersed numerous IFN-inducible enhancers independently in diverse mammalian genomes. CRISPR-Cas9 deletion of a subset of these ERV elements in the human genome impaired expression of adjacent IFN-induced genes and revealed their involvement in the regulation of essential immune functions, including activation of the AIM2 inflammasome. Although these regulatory sequences likely arose in ancient viruses, they now constitute a dynamic reservoir of IFN-inducible enhancers fueling genetic innovation in mammalian immune defenses.



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