Parenting Alert : Bollywood Memes and Kids


First of all, let us understand, what is meme?


Bollywood is business. They want to not only earn by movie profit but also derail the societal setup as per their investors vested interests.

We must get rid of them from our lives. There are many active entertainment ways possible where our involvement is 100%. Unlike passive movies.


Our life is now so stressful (We only made it stressful!) that we consume anything and everything as entertainment!


We don’t even care if our kids are watching them too or not!



What is trivial adult comedy for you, may not be true for kids. For them, it is new learning that is morally ok as parents enjoy in their company and give tacit approval of such social events/setups.

So in context of Bollywood’s present songs and stories or TV soaps, dancing car of PK, Vodka song of honey singh and mistake song of Jagga Jasoos – all ok for kids as parents give indirect approval by enjoying it! 🙂

Don’t complain 10 years later. Forewarned as your well-wisher. Take care. Think 100 times before you watch movies or TV soaps with kids.

Self-Check : Which Group feels like home?

Short life and priorities : PLEASE READ with OPEN Mind , without BIAS 🙂
I am sure, you must agree with me that life is really short. 100 years is nothing! And out of 100 years, 25 years goes into realizing what life is! Sometimes, it goes on till 40. By the time we reach 50, body stops supporting for many en-devours. In short, it is short. Life is short 🙂
In this short life, time for self is too short!!
What is more important in life’s limited leisure hours?
Group 1
1) Who wins the IPL gossip?
2) Who wins the election gossip?
3) Which film is better?
4) Pastime entertainment – Ekta Kapoor fame?
5) Dirty office politics gossip
6) Dirty family politics gossip
7) Celebrity gossip
8) Kejriwal jokes
9) NaMo jokes
Group 2
1) How do we grow organic food
2) What all are genuine food sources?
3) How do we grow more trees in city?
4) How do we plan rain water harvesting?
5) How do we reduce our plastic waste?
6) How do we reduce our carbon footprints?
7) How do we involve children in community work?
Your choice of utilizing free hours decide whether you are civilized or barbaric. (Don’t take it personally. My intention is to trigger changes in my dear and near ones 🙂 so that we all together can have meaningful life)
Ancient Rome collapsed because majority of her citizens were part of first group. It is actually sign of collapse in any age.
Think about it. Take care.
Read this article to realize what I am trying to convey

The Pill Generation’s boomeranged Karma : Cancer


I am not sharing this to scare you or make you feel guilty. When our life depends on our environment and our environment is hijacked by perception managers (they are hidden monsters, everywhere! From school to church/temple to govt! Everywhere!) , this is bound to happen. From govt advertisement to popular Bollywood entertainment to social-media managers, everyone is trying to convince you one thing:

“Life is short and for fun! So take a pill and enjoy!!”
“अनचाहे गर्भसे मुक्ति! – True form of freedom! My choice! ”

Any engineering experiment on body is karma. Karma acts like boomerang. Don’t repent if you taken the pills in past. Do प्रायश्चित! (Now, don’t be so arrogant & pseudo atheist and tell me that you don’t believe in it and all! Suggesting you one of the powerful tool to cleanse mental and physical wrong-doing and help body in healing! Even atheist need प्रायश्चित as they too share them biology and psychology of human mind! 😉 🙂 )

At least, let us save our next generation. Educate them in right sense. Let them know the real picture and help them realize that this body is not machine or gadgets and it is not that simple to shut-down progeny generation as you switch off the light or fan!



Contemporary Hormonal Contraception and the Risk of Breast Cancer


Little is known about whether contemporary hormonal contraception is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.


Among 1.8 million women who were followed on average for 10.9 years (a total of 19.6 million person-years), 11,517 cases of breast cancer occurred. As compared with women who had never used hormonal contraception, the relative risk of breast cancer among all current and recent users of hormonal contraception was 1.20 (95% confidence interval [CI], 1.14 to 1.26). This risk increased from 1.09 (95% CI, 0.96 to 1.23) with less than 1 year of use to 1.38 (95% CI, 1.26 to 1.51) with more than 10 years of use (P=0.002). After discontinuation of hormonal contraception, the risk of breast cancer was still higher among the women who had used hormonal contraceptives for 5 years or more than among women who had not used hormonal contraceptives. Risk estimates associated with current or recent use of various oral combination (estrogen–progestin) contraceptives varied between 1.0 and 1.6. Women who currently or recently used the progestin-only intrauterine system also had a higher risk of breast cancer than women who had never used hormonal contraceptives (relative risk, 1.21; 95% CI, 1.11 to 1.33). The overall absolute increase in breast cancers diagnosed among current and recent users of any hormonal contraceptive was 13 (95% CI, 10 to 16) per 100,000 person-years, or approximately 1 extra breast cancer for every 7690 women using hormonal contraception for 1 year.


The risk of breast cancer was higher among women who currently or recently used contemporary hormonal contraceptives than among women who had never used hormonal contraceptives, and this risk increased with longer durations of use; however, absolute increases in risk were small. (Funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.)

Doubt about role of Bollywood in degrading society’s dharma quotient?



Many friends have dual mind about role of Bollywood in degrading धार्मिक भारत into म्लेच्छ भारत |

They argue:

“Oh! It is just Bollywood of present times which is worse.”

My response:

“When you are on drugs, you always need a new normal. Bollywood is like such drugs. What present Bollywood is doing to youth is what it did to youth in 50s and 60s with milder dosage. It is same drugs. Drug that kills the whatsoever residual of धर्मं element in common mass. Indeed, your present drug dosage will give you an impression that what you took at first is nothing! but that does not change the nature of the drug! It is drug!”

Bollywood since inception is designed to kill the dharma-psyche. नाट्यशास्त्र principles are forgotten year by year. But it was never aligned with it since inception.

I will never appreciate this medium. It is drug that kills. It kills dharma. I don’t see them as “Some positive, more negative” yardstick.

Bollywood and Making of चरसी generation


What Bollywood’s (or its fund raisers, who also fund media, online media and social media) mission for 2020?

Mission Drug Usage Normalisation.

It is India where youth is still not taking enough drugs compare to world [1]. And since it is biggest population with demographic dividend, it is great business hub for drugs.

Look at the movies produced in last 2 years. All of them show drug as new status symbol. New IN thing.

One of the most important questions regarding media effects concerns the extent to which people may be immune to influence when they are aware that portrayals are fictional. This becomes very critical in case of children as for them, even real world is like fantasy. It becomes very critical when the content presented is explicit as it sex is a domain of imagination and fantasy. So when they are exposed to explicit content more often, they develop a version of psyche where there is hardly chance to distinguish real from virtual.

More exposure of TV (or any medium that blurs their lines of virtual vs. Real) to children, more chances of them becoming perverted adults. Degree of perversion vary with how positive environment is provided to them to counter and extinguish such negative experiences.

In the era of Internet and communication, you really don’t need to do much. Just coin new level of pervert idea, be it about drugs or alcohol or sex and then add it as joke in Bollywood movie or FMCG ad. That is it.

The next level of spread is by You-tubers and Whatsapp marketers. They will create more artefacts based on original idea.

Within 2-3 months, it will be normalised. Like how Condom and social drinking/smoking is new normal in college going students, drug and pedophilia are next missions for Bollywood.

Punjab is already succumbed to Drug menace. Other border states like Gujarat and Rajasthan, are also observing it.[2]

Enjoy the outcomes of विकास. Don’t complain when your school going teen boy or girl come home guilty of unimagined act(s). We as a society sow the seeds.

“It costs one-twentieth the price of cocaine, is not banned and can be home delivered. No wonder then that mephedrone or ‘meow meow’ is wreaking havoc in the lives of city youth, who are increasingly getting addicted to this latest entrant into the party drugs scene”

This is not scare you or spread fear but to warn and remain vigilant about food.

If you have college going youth at home or in neighbor, I advice you to instruct him/her to stop eating food in college canteen (Not hostel mess where one can have close control and observations) and near by hotels.

A friend’s brother got sudden tightening of muscles. Only thing he included in routine was to eat bataka-paua at canteen. He stopped it and things became normal within a month.

As per information I got, possible usage of steroids or similar additives is found. Take care.

Eating home food or preparing food for self or eating only at known trusted places. Take care.

[1] https://www.globaldrugsurvey.com/the-global-drug-survey-2015-findings/

[2] https://www.mid-day.com/articles/dangerous-new-drug-meow-meow-haunts-mumbai-youth/15228056



The Gossip Nation and self-destruction



Tsunami of twitter jokes, poor jokers in ruling part in delhi, flood of stand up comedies with poor taste, Bollywood, Cricket. This mindless cacophony resembles to last state of Yadava clan after Mahabhrata War. Despite God’s warning, foolhardiness persisted which resulted in annihilation of rich Yadava culture. Even same happened with Romans.

It looks like that culture and literacy, in the final stage of decline, are replaced with noisy diversions and empty clichés. Since American culture is globalized now, average Indian Youth in metros and urban centers lives in a world where fantasy is more real than reality, where the image has more dignity than the original. For this clan of youth, sensual pleasure is an overriding obsessions. And youth is the one that lead the future.

It is certain to me, we are at the beginning of the end. Clan of selfless should focus more on constructive activities. Silent transformation. Do not wait for an indication about the end. Let there be slow but steady transformation, soul by soul, one by one.

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