Child Development

Child Development

Toddler and Punishment : धर्मं & प्रायश्चित्त

Punishment and children
Punishment and children

No other species punishes its offspring. They encourage innovations and mistakes as these are the stepping steps on the natural growth process.

Discipline in our culture was never to mold children as a obedient worker of the system but for the self-realization of fellow human being in our child. What is happening now is, in name of discipline, we are making children slaves of the system.

If discipline (यम,नियम and other tenets of Yoga) are introduced at right age, no punishment is needed. Each child is special and has different mental growth. Each one of them become ready for अष्टांग योग (१) यम, २) नियम, ३) आसन, ४) प्राणायाम, ५) प्रत्याहार, ६) धारणा ७) ध्यान ८) समाधि), the ultimate self-discipline. Some children are ready at age 5, some at 7, some at 9 and very few at age 11 (popularly known as YAgnopavit Sanskar). Till then parents and teachers must not interfere with their learning. We can only protect them from self-harm.

Even after demonstrating them self-discipline during student life, if they do not follow it as an adult, punishment comes at the last resort. Before punishment, several rounds of प्रायश्चित्त.

Punishment or दण्ड is really a last resort for adult. Never for innocent and growing children.

Take care.

Punishment doesn’t
solve the problem;
it intensifies it.

PS: Punishment led Childhood : Reason why so many of us demand harsh punishments for rape and other crimes. 🙂 No one wants to prevent the crimes. 🙂

Original post by Jagannath Chatterjee ji

The death of conversation



The death of conversation

It used to be the soaps, now it’s twitter on the iphone. Mom should tune out and focus on the kids. It used to be the big game on TV, now it is checking the sports stats on the Internet.

All kids love garden. My 2 years old son is no exception. While I play with my son and we enjoy these sessions so thoroughly, I feel deeply sad about kids there. Many of them are blessed with gadget-freak, obsessive parents. So instead of playing with them, mothers and fathers are engaged on mindless chit-chat over phones or messaging over whatsapp.

This is not a kind of silence kids expect! This is brutal death of conversation!! And so many bright possibilities buried as kids mental development is compromised.

Please don’t be held responsible for ruining your kid’s future! Switch off your gadgets when you are with them! They are highest priority! Never compromise!

You are now parent! Come out of that teen-age delusion! You are no more a college student! 🙂

Do not repeat what you see in these pictures. Avoid death of conversation with your kids. Time gone is gone! You will repent later!

Take care!

Back to the future – Indian kids American Way, Drug addicts from childhood



Back to the future – Indian kids American Way, Drug addicts from childhood

When a child need parents most, parents are busy with career growth, promotions, material wealth accumulation and petty Cricket and Bollywood type passive armchair entertainment!

Obviously, it impacts growing minds in family.

And then, the pill generation rely upon pills as solution for mental disorders!

Many children of 21st century suffer from poor concentration, hyperactivity, and learning difficulties. Modern medicine declare it as disorder! Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder! ADHD! 🙂

These all symptoms are more related to mind than body. Food also play role but supporting role. Problem is with environment children receive as legacy. Stressed parents, family infighting, toxic food, polluted air, polluted homes, lack of love reciprocated by parents and over-use of technology and screens at home – these are some root causes I found around.

And as you read root causes, solutions are very simple.
But what do children get from doctors?

More chemicals! Ritalin is a popular name of this neurotic drug!
Read the side-effects! Avoid it! Save your kid from further mental trauma! Provide better environment and see the magic!

Read this to realize side effects of CNS stimulant!!


Ritalin Side effects


पुत्रगोष्ठी – Making of Ganesa and Essential Life Lessons


One thing I always followed in my relation with my son : Never enforce anything. Nothing. Let there be demonstration, slow and steady exposure to idea and concept. Give enough time and space for digestion.

He is 5+ now. More observations, varied questions. For last 5 years, he did not demand to establish Ganesa Vigrah at home. He enjoyed visiting different pandals and observe shapes and sizes.

This year too. Day 1 went into visiting relatives and friends sthapana. But in evening, there was question : Why not at our home?

Day2 : We started with our first attempt to give shape to our Ganesa. What did we use? We collected clay from the shore of Maa Narmada few months back.

What is planned for day 3 : Give appropriate colors so that a divide vigraha emerge from it. And yes, don’t fall in modern trap of calling it Idol or Statue! This is Vigraha(विग्रह). मूर्तिसे देवता स्थापन! तत्त्व स्थापन! जल स्थापन, पृथ्वी तत्त्वसे!

Day 4  to Day 10 : We will recite and memorize गणपति अथर्वशीर्ष. We will observe and note down different forms and their characteristics. And this will continue for next 5 years.

You may bring most beautiful vigrah at home but don’t miss to prepare one at home by self. Your involvement. Family’s involvement. Your vigrah is your prana representation. Reflection of your muladhar.
This (गणेश चतुर्थी to अनंत चतुर्दशी) is the open window of the year where mother nature naturally allow you get rid of excessive toxins built during varsha ritu due to मन्दाग्नि(low digestive fire with uncontrolled food habits).
1) Food during this time will help. Modak and Kheer, pomegranate
2) Devotion to Shri Ganesa will help. गणपति अथर्वशीर्ष
3) Spending time with clay will definitely help as it is पृथ्वी तत्त्व’s trait to absorb toxins from body. Plus, vigraha making yields concentration and attentive mind, result is observed in body cleansing. Stabilize Vata prakop.
Your imperfections in vigraha making will inspire you to correct the foundation. Foundation is in learning different art forms.
There is interesting conversation between King Vajra and Sage Markendya in Vishnudharmottara Purana about it.
King Vajra wants to learn art of Idol making.
He seeks guidance from Sage Markendya.
And Sage prescribes him to learn following art in sequence to become master of Idol creator.
Vocal music (Reciting Vedas) => Instrumental Music => Natya Shashtra => Chitra Kala (Painting in 2D) => Becoming sculptor
In short, it is important to realize cosmos, to express it so potently so that seekers can connect with God by concentrating on divine play captured in Idol.


Loneliness is unfortunate, togetherness is a medicine



Even being Adult taking care of own physical and mental needs, we still share a fundamental biological and emotional need for each other.

Studies from around the world suggest that single people are at greater risk for a wide variety of diseases; married couples and their children even suffer less from tooth decay and have better gums than do members of divorced and bereaved families.

A major survey of 127,545 American adults found that married men are healthier than men who were never married or whose marriages ended in divorce or widowhood. Men who have marital partners also live longer than men without spouses; men who marry after age 25 get more protection than those who tie the knot at a younger age (As per Bharatiya culture, one should get married after age 25. Please note. It is called Grihasth life), and the longer a man stays married, the greater his survival advantage over his unmarried peers.

In short, social living ( Call it marriage) is mandatory and critical to maintain healthy life.

What does social living means? I earn money, you earn money, we spend it during weekend on our personal entertainment (Eating outside, friday movie, Sunday cricket/football match, kid’s playground)?

Think about it. Is our way of life where we are rapidly reducing time spent for each other, real cause of all illnesses?

Experiment: We should invest more time in each-other than trivial things like movies, TV and games where we are mere spectators. A bunch of clappers, criticizer or glory-makers for virtual heroes.

One way communication. Lack of involvement. Slow but steadily declining health of each family member. Think about it.

Spend more time with your decaying parents and see the magic. They will live longer than expected. My personal experience. Try it.

Spend more time with growing kids. Get involved in their play. Invest new means of happiness for them. They will grow healthier with minimum hiccups. Try it.

Spend more time @ playground, playing sports with friends. Play for self. Play with your billion+ body cells and 10 times more bacteria living in body. They will feel good. They will bless you healthy life.

Play. Life is a play. Divine play as Krishna suggests.

मातृप्राण (Maternal Microbes) drives immunity development

In my native culture, pregnant mothers are asked to eat ghee based food during last trimester. Along with it, curd rice.


I am sure similar regimes must exist in all cultures who prefer intellectually and physically strong generations. Ask your grandmother, she can guide. Her is the last generation with traditional legacies.

Ghee and Curd when produced from Zebu cattle (Indian breed), it is rich in GUT-friendly microbes. Healthy food for mother ==> Good immunity of child. This is because Zebu cattle’s physiology allows her to transform maximum प्राण from the Sun.

Basically, everything sums up as Prana.

प्राणवान mother = Child with great immunity. प्राण is cellular intelligence that helps to identify and act upon non-self matters and purge them.

Ghee and Curd are full of प्राण.

“During gestation, a mother’s microbiome shapes the immune system of her offspring, a new study in mice suggests. While it’s known that a newborn’s gut microbiota can affect its own immune system, the impact of a mother’s microbiota on her offspring has largely been unexplored.”


Mom’s microbes influence her offspring’s immune system, mice study shows

 Credit Mercedes Gomez de Agüero, Stephanie Ganal-Vonarburg, Kathy D. McCoy, and Andrew J. Macpherson

Mercedes Gomez de Agüero, Stephanie Ganal-Vonarburg, Kathy D. McCoy, and Andrew J. Macpherson

During gestation, a mother’s microbiome shapes the immune system of her offspring, a new study in mice suggests. While it’s known that a newborn’s gut microbiota can affect its own immune system, the impact of a mother’s microbiota on her offspring has largely been unexplored. Here, Mercedes Gomez de Agüero et al. infected the guts of pregnant mice with E.coli engineered to dwindle over time, allowing the mothers to become germ-free again around the time they gave birth. This temporary colonization of E.coli in the mother affected the immune system of her offspring; after birth, the offspring harbored more innate lymphoid and mononuclear cells in their intestines compared to mice born to microbe-free pregnant mothers. Similar results were seen when pregnant mothers were temporarily colonized with a cocktail of eight other microbes. An RNA analysis of offspring born to gestation-only colonized mothers compared with controls revealed greater expression of numerous genes, including those that influence cell division and differentiation, mucus and ion channels, and metabolism and immune function. By transferring serum from bacteria-colonized pregnant mice to non-colonized pregnant mice, the researchers found that maternal antibodies likely facilitate the transmission and retention of microbial molecules from a mother to her offspring. The results of this study add another surprising chapter to the growing body of literature surrounding the effects of the gut microbiota on immune functioning.

Generation in jeopardy : How pesticides ruin our children

Go to any school. You will find more and more aggression, attention deficit, anti-social patterns. Sadly, teachers and parents accept this as new normal. 🙁

Can your 6 figure salary, all luxury provided to kid avoid this? And there is no magic wand that you can apply to development derailment of growing generation. Only right food, right emotions and your ample time can save them!

Time is running fast. Get back control over your food chain. Demand more and more organic food. Cook fresh food for children. No more processed food.

Before earning for family, I think it is now critical for any parents to find fresh, chemical-free food for kids. What is the use of our earning when we buy chemicals as food for our kids?

Generation in jeopardy
Generation in jeopardy
Generation in jeopardy
Generation in jeopardy

Learning disabilities, childhood cancer and asthma are on the rise in the United States. A new report out today points to pesticides – with over 1 billion pounds applied on farms and homes annually in the US– as a critical contributor to these health harms in children. In Los Angeles alone,nearly 2 million pounds of pesticides are applied annually.

This is situation of the land where we think rules are followed. Imagine the situation here where there is free-flow usage of chemicals. On top of it, chemicals used to process the food.

“We have waited much, much too long to make the health of our children a national priority,” said Martha Dina Argüello of Physicians for Social Responsibility- Los Angeles. “This report shines a light on a completely preventable tragedy – that a generation of children will not reach their full potential. This represents a truly staggering loss we can no longer ignore.”

Pesticides impact on children
Pesticides impact on children
Pesticides impact on children
Pesticides impact on children

“Pesticides have unique and profound impacts on the developing child, even in very small amounts. The growing body of research tells us that pesticides, in combination with other environmental and behavioral factors, are creating a looming epidemic of diseases and disorders,” states Argüello. “We must act now so we are not putting another generation of children in harm’s way.”

“What matters is that our children’s bodies have become garbage cans! Everyday, I cry because of those diseases simply caused by the environment. More people have died because of chemicals than during World War II. Those who don’t want to see any cause for concern in our studies will have to answer for their serious dishonesty.”

Read more:

Your kid is not your machine




Your kid is not your phone or robot that it will work same as your friend’s phone or robot. Did you give birth to kid to mold him/her as robot? Why wasted so much biological energy then? You could have bought robot from market. There is no factory settings for kids that you can reset. Once you inject trauma by showing him/her inferior to others, it is imprinted. You restrict their growth! They are here to realize their own fate. Do not interrupt with your crazy idea to mold him as some ideal.

Psychological trauma generated by comparison is very difficult to soothe. And is permanent loss of child’s opportunity to grow uniquely.

Not only parents, school teachers often engage in same nasty mistake. Keep an eye on school teachers too. Stop them comparing your precious jewel with other jewels. No two diamonds can be of same size and shape.

World ahead is tough. Those who are like sheep (which will happen if you want your kid like others’ kids) will be wiped out by the challenges of the world. Make sure your kid grow as unique person and not copycat of someone’s kid. And yet he or she is wise enough to participate in community living.

Take care!

Directionless Youth, Reproductive Stress and STD Epidemic

Analogy is a powerful inference tool. When something is difficult to realize, I always prefer it to draw attention to casual errors in our living.
One more example here: I hope and wish that this will help. 🙂
Brain is body organ. Reproductive system is also body organ. Digestive system too part of body. They become mature at different age. Digestive system gets mature by age 2 or 3. Brain takes 12 years. Reproductive system takes 20 years. Do we take care of their development period?
1) Although all human babies are born with digestive system, for 6 months, we do not give anything to newborns and infants but only mother’s feeding.
Any doubt? No, right? Well-established practice.
2) Reproductive system responses start very early in age around 10-12 age. But we do not get married at this age and produce babies. Organ is still under development. Early pregnancy means risk for mother and baby both.
Why no education institutes/parents educate students to stay away from sexual urge in teen age and wait until reproductive system is fully matured? Just like we avoid solid food intake for infants below 6 months?
On the other hand, we laugh and promote teens to engage in intimate relations. We allow their exposure to filthy sex stimuli entertainment. Are we not compromising growth and development of their reproductive system? Do we imagine that this early intimate encounters may lead to mid-age crisis very early?
A life free of herpes, warts, chlamydia, and others is possible. One simply has to delay sexual behaviour. Will you take for your kids? Or like avg american teen suffering from STD, promote teens to engage in premature usage of reproductive organs?
3) Brain is under development up to age 10-12. During this age, human stimuli is critical.
Why we spend less time with kids when they need most? Why do we replace critical human time with gadgets (TV, mobiles, laptops, tablets) who are impotent to trigger chemical changes in brain as humans can do?
I just showed you biological truths by analogy of infant digestion. Think about it and take care. 🙂 (Y)

Cook for Kids, cook for God : Most Sacred Duty



One friend said in private message after reading this post(

“you said right that fast food is dangerous but do we really have alternative? Kids go to school and learn new food habits. We simply cannot control it.”


Well then what we parents are for? If schools spoil the habits, take actions. Be part of parenting fraternity. Awake fellow parents. Take seminars on fast food in schools. Awake fellow students of your kids. There is no free lunch. You have to pay the price for your lethargy being a parent. Don’t be so helpless. If kid is picking bad habits from some source, work on it. That is your duty as a parents.

And about alternative, we have many homemade food to replace filthy fast food. Yes, you will have to spend some time in kitchen for it. Do it. Sacrifice your cricket match, movie and weekend getaway and spend time in kitchen. Best if you can involve kids.

For example: Sukhadi. It is best alternative for both chocolates and biscuits. Rich in nutrients and delicious! Enough for growing kids never ending energy needs.

Our cultural diversity is rich enough for finding alternatives. Put some efforts. Be an active parent. (I am also trying to be one).

If there is a will, there is a way. Experiment instead surrendering to the environment. (Y)

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