Child Development

Child Development

15 harmful effects of TV on children


This article suggest 15 harmful effects of TV on children

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Is it worth to pursue even information served by channels like Discovery and NetGeo? Costly affair! 🙂

• Obesity. A result of little exercise.
• Disrupted hormones. Light from televisions suppresses production of the key hormone melatonin.
• Lowered immune system. Reduced melatonin may increase the chance of mutations in cell DNA, which causes cancer.
• Premature puberty. Also linked to low levels of melatonin.
• Sleep disorders. Over-stimulating the senses causes sleeplessness.
• Autism. Linked to a lack of social interaction.
• Increased body fat. Altered levels of the hormones leptin and ghrelin produce fat and boost appetite.
• Poor concentration. Development of brain cells governing attention span is impaired.
• Difficulty reading. A result of poor intellectual stimulation while young.
• Type 2 diabetes – From eating high-calorie food while watching TV.
• Changes to skin immune cells. Waves emitted by sets are linked to changes in skin ‘mast’ cells.
• Increased cholesterol. A result of an inactive childhood.
• Slower metabolism. Watching TV may slow the metabolism more than simply doing nothing • Shortsightedness. Staring at a screen can lead to eye damage.
• Alzheimer’s Disease. Heavy viewing linked to increased risk.


Child Development : Work In-progress, Expect hiccups



Year -1 (in womb and before that when would-be parents are planning for child) to year 7 is rapid growth period. Imagine a construction site in first few months where rapid development is happening. Site is almost all day in chaotic state. Too many changes @ different corners.

Growing child too goes through rapid development cycles during first 7-8 years of life. And during this time, body connect and disconnect with several environmental and genetic factors. During these communications, many times, stress is observed by cells who are in transition, while becoming more mature organ from being immature/nascent.

During this duration, viral infection (I called it cellular stress) is natural. It happens at least 12 times a year. Sometimes in upper respiratory track and sometimes in Gut area. Sometimes fever, sometimes diarrhea or constipation. During this time, body enters into vital dialogue with Marut(s) or Prana or bacteria for getting instructions for further development. This happens under an optimal thermal state. But this is deemed as ‘fever’ by the doctor. Drugs are given to bring down the fever, and antibiotics are administered to knock the microbes out. A peace talk is thus aborted, the child acquires lifelong immuno-deficiency and his natural growing-up is thwarted. On top of it, we alter our environment so rapidly and so chaotically that chaos withing face difficulty in cope up with the chaos outside (which is expected as at peace to help chaos within). Results in autoimmune disorders. Allergy and Asthama.


Pediatrician friend suggests: Let body take care the development phases. running nose or regularly irregular bowel sensations are just fine for initial years. Problem with current generation is that they fall sick, not only because of development phases but also due to toxic environment and reckless life style of parents. So first thing parents should do is: Radically improve life style.

Intervene when only you see sudden toxic look or temp rises above 101. Only assistance you can provide in such chaos is, let the Prana is instilled enough by natural ways i.e. Turmeric, Lemon, Honey, Milk, Butter milk (all used in different conditions).

PS: I have just shared my understanding. Use your own common sense and take decisions as per your environment.

Monsoon Tapas : Gauri Vrata

Gauri Vrat
Gauri Vrat
Gauri Vrat
Gauri Vrat

If you are proud parents of 8-10 years old girl child, it is good for her to observe fast and be with nature during these days.

8-10 years old female child is on the verge of puberty. She will go through tremendous physiological changes in upcoming decade. Her reproductive system is on the verge of maturation. During this time, it is important to keep her happy. Her healthy mental state will regulate these physiological changes and won’t allow abnormalities. Fasting will boost her immune system so that pathogens don’t disturb highly vulnerable cervix development.

This ritual becomes more crucial in our times when girls are reaching puberty very early duty chemical cocktails in our lives.

During this time of the year, mother nature is in blooming mood. Mother is in shades of rejuvenation. If she spends more time in nature, she will inspire from mother and do not worry about rapid physiological changes.

In short,

1) Fasting will keep her yearly immunity at best level.
2) Beginning of monsoon is the season of rapid changes. She can best sync her physiological changes with mother nature


Gauri Vrat. Enjoy these moments with your girl child. Make this special period for her.

Side note: There is debate going on at national level about sex education. Sex education? This is ideal time to describe sacred importance of reproduction. Unlike moronic modern sex education who teaches vikruti in name of education (For example, “use condoms and consume yourself safely” type campaigns)

Real sex education will teach kids right actions at right age. Teen age is not the right age as reproductive organs are not yet ready. Indulgence in pre-mature age = havoc in future years. From infections to cancer. Save your children by imparting right values.

I know, you will have question that why not for boys?

Let me explain by one example: Farmers need to take care of both field and seeds. Same treatment cannot be applied to field and seeds.Like that field and seeds in humans should be taken care.

Boys maturation happen little later than girls. They carry seeds. Farmers give different treatment to seeds than fields. Their development happen at Akhada (अखाडा playground) where seeds are protected until good matured spring.


Early Puberty is not only havoc for your girl child but also her future children.

Early puberty is purely an environmental phenomenon. More artificial hormone-bending chemicals in food, water and air. On top of it, filthy Bollywood and TV matures mind early.

On top of it, so called international schools and their local blind copies promote sex education. TV is full of condom ads. Authors and columnists (Chetan Bhagat type) promote free-sex. And then, there is series of planned days like Friendship day, Valentine day etc.

This results into premature sex. Teen-age encounters. Youth engaged in adult acts.

And then we promote HPV vaccines!

Neck like opening to the uterus is called Cervix. In Hindi, it is called गर्भाशय मुख. Opening of Womb.


This Cervix wall act as a protection wall of uterus (divine soil/kshetra where new jiva resides for 9 months). Behind this wall, Prana, architect of human body, is working 24×7 for 9 months, to carve the human body. Any disturbance to this Prana’s work means deformity or miscarriage. Manual abortions do nothing but disturb Prana’s work.

Vagina is full of bacteria. Some of them are healthy bacteria (like lactobacilli which helps newborn to teach breastfeeding) and some of them are pathogens (Any disease-producing agent). This Cervix wall is natural defense against them.

Cervix wall starts developing with first cycle of period in teen age females. It becomes mature by the age 18-21. See picture to understand the difference between cervix wall in adult female and teen age female.

Liberals often talk in favor of sex education in schools. This education and other mediums bombarding sex is not sex education but lust education. This results into teen girls engaged in sex. Some of them become mother before crossing 18.

When teen age females are involved in natural/unnatural sexual acts (which is common in western countries and now in India too 🙁 ), they are early exposed to pathogens and these pathogens passes cervix wall as it is immature and one layer wall (see picture). This lead to infection in uterus and many other issues, including cervical cancer at middle age. So much stress for organ which is still under development.

HPV virus spreads only when immature wall is exposed to it in teen age. It cannot work in females who did not experience sex before ripen age i.e after 21.

Right sex education is education of Brahmcharya. It should inspire teens celibacy for their own wellbeing. No luring, no lust, pure science. Sanatana principles.

Instead of Brahmcharya, our habits, school environment and family environment promotes teen sex. I see many parents laugh on their teens affair relations. Morons!

And as a solution, they suggest HPV vaccine! 😀 . HPV vaccine to innocent female teens is like forceful exposure of HPV virus to immature Cervix without any sexual acts. This is giving ample side effects. Sometimes deadly. Sometimes premature ovarian failure. It snatches right of motherhood for many. And if there is motherhood, children suffer from unforeseen sicknesses due to disturbed Prana during pregnancy.

This HPV infection is increasing in India as teens are not rampant and involved in sex at very early age. No text book covers this 🙁

Sex followed by HPV vaccine is not a solution for teens. Brahmcharya is.

We do not give solid food to infant due to their inability, why can’t same be followed for cervix wall?

Think about it. Learn Vrata(s) of monsoon. Amazing but easy tools to remain in sync with mother nature.

Child Development and Social Circle

Child Development in Social Circles
Child Development in Social Circles

I was having worried conversation with concerned parent last evening. The topic was about raising kids in this chaotic environment. How to overcome or balance toxic influence of the environment we have around.

Thought stream of discussion:

1) There is always darkness beneath the oil lamp. It may spread the light but in her periphery, there is some form of darkness.

Similarly, we all are nothing but forms of biological and mental fire, the basic element. We are here to spread the light. To help others.

Then who will take care of darkness beneath me? (While I selflessly take care of others as my societal duty, who will take care of my family? My kids?)

2) Answer lies in image 1, picture 2. Lamp is never lighted individually. Lamps are lighted together. I take care of you, you take care of me. I nurture your kids, you nurture mine.

After certain age, when kids are reaching puberty, they seek role model. As a parent, it is our duty to hook themselves with role model (A closest lamp within community) who can remove the darkness (ignorance of the child). Your best friend, your brother, your sister. If the child gets the lamp at right age, be relaxed. There will be no impact of toxic influence of society (darkness around)

3) Like image 1 picture 3, education (schools+parents+family+friends) should do their duty of kindling light in all kids. This is missing in our lives nowadays.

In my experience so far, sports ground is a best school and sports coach, a better lamp for kids. This is possible only when everyone in friend circle are regular at ground. 🙂 Life is a play and to make that realize, ground is the best forum.

संग & सत्संग (company of good families and friends) is critical aspect of child development.

This Diwali, lit flock of lamps together, with friends. 🙂

Toxic Chemicals and Your child’s brain


Toxic chemicals can affect children either (1) directly, by damaging brain cells, or (2) indirectly, either (a) through epigenetic changes (many of which occur during pregnancy) or (b) by mimicking naturally occurring hormones, and thus tipping a delicate balance.
Children are particularly vulnerable to toxic exposure for two reasons: (1) their brains are growing and changing rapidly, particularly the younger they are, and so there are many more “processes” going on daily that can be potentially altered and (2) because their bodies are small, thus the same amount of toxic chemicals equates to higher percentage of body weight, the smaller the child.
The younger the child, the greater the risk of toxic exposure, with pregnancy being a particularly critical time.

Please read more here:

Toxic Chemicals and Your Child’s Brain

August 6, 2015

Early-life psychosocial adversities : Disturbed adolescent age, Lost Competent Youth



Disturbed childhood, thanks to irresponsible moron parents who fights every day for petty reasons, leads to mentally difficult adults.

So many around us, right? Do we want to repeat again in next generation? Take Care! Keep home environment in good mood, always!

“The study led by Dr Nicholas Walsh, lecturer in developmental psychology at the University of East Anglia, used brain imaging technology to scan teenagers aged 17-19. It found that those who experienced mild to moderate family difficulties between birth and 11 years of age had developed a smaller cerebellum, an area of the brain associated with skill learning, stress regulation and sensory-motor control. The researchers also suggest that a smaller cerebellum may be a risk indicator of psychiatric disease later in life, as it is consistently found to be smaller in virtually all psychiatric illnesses.”


General and specific effects of early-life psychosocial adversities on adolescent grey matter volume


Exposure to childhood adversities (CA) is associated with subsequent alterations in regional brain grey matter volume (GMV). Prior studies have focused mainly on severe neglect and maltreatment. The aim of this study was to determine in currently healthy adolescents if exposure to more common forms of CA results in reduced GMV. Effects on brain structure were investigated using voxel-based morphometry in a cross-sectional study of youth recruited from a population-based longitudinal cohort. 58 participants (mean age = 18.4) with (n = 27) or without (n = 31) CA exposure measured retrospectively from maternal interview were included in the study. Measures of recent negative life events (RNLE) recorded at 14 and 17 years, current depressive symptoms, gender, participant/parental psychiatric history, current family functioning perception and 5-HTTLPR genotype were covariates in analyses. A multivariate analysis of adversities demonstrated a general association with a widespread distributed neural network consisting of cortical midline, lateral frontal, temporal, limbic, and cerebellar regions. Univariate analyses showed more specific associations between adversity measures and regional GMV: CA specifically demonstrated reduced vermis GMV and past psychiatric history with reduced medial temporal lobe volume. In contrast RNLE aged 14 was associated with increased lateral cerebellar and anterior cingulate GMV. We conclude that exposure to moderate levels of childhood adversities occurring during childhood and early adolescence exerts effects on the developing adolescent brain. Reducing exposure to adverse social environments during early life may optimize typical brain development and reduce subsequent mental health risks in adult life.

Your kid is not your machine




Your kid is not your phone or robot that it will work same as your friend’s phone or robot. Did you give birth to kid to mold him/her as robot? Why wasted so much biological energy then? You could have bought robot from market. There is no factory settings for kids that you can reset. Once you inject trauma by showing him/her inferior to others, it is imprinted. You restrict their growth! They are here to realize their own fate. Do not interrupt with your crazy idea to mold him as some ideal.

Psychological trauma generated by comparison is very difficult to soothe. And is permanent loss of child’s opportunity to grow uniquely.

Not only parents, school teachers often engage in same nasty mistake. Keep an eye on school teachers too. Stop them comparing your precious jewel with other jewels. No two diamonds can be of same size and shape.

World ahead is tough. Those who are like sheep (which will happen if you want your kid like others’ kids) will be wiped out by the challenges of the world. Make sure your kid grow as unique person and not copycat of someone’s kid. And yet he or she is wise enough to participate in community living.

Take care!

Purpose of Education : Mastering dinacharyA

dincharyA education
dincharyA education

Our body is a clock. In fact, several billion clocks together, each in individual cell, each for community of cells i.e. organs. Unfortunately, they are not like mechanical clocks.

Organ level clocks have varied sunrise point (time when it is active most for designated activity). Morning time is the lung time. Midday is stomach time, when we feel hungry. Afternoon is liver time, and late afternoon is when the colon and kidneys operate at their peak.

Not only organs, our vital energy (Prana) also work on its own sunrise time. Our constitution also has different sunrise time. For example, 6 A.M.–10 A.M. is kapha time, 10 A.M.–2 P.M. is pitta time and so on.

Based on these clocks, one should design daily routine i.e. दिनचर्या. Daily routine helps us to maintian harmony among all vital forces working to keep our identity alive (cells, prana, swabhav, ahmkara etc).

Student life is dedicated to learn all of this by self-realization so that one can live Grihasthi jivan with minimal struggles.

Do our schools teach this? Oh no, our schools teach how to help NGOs. How to take care of patients and such after-shock care plans. Prevention is not in syllabus.

Domestic Violence and Parenting



Domestic violence at home, quarrel in front of kids, verbal shouting on phone – they all shape your kid’s mental sphere. Avoid all severe verbal exchanges! Not even when kids are sleeping! Not even when they are at school! They are intelligent and sensitive enough to detect and grasp family stress! And when it goes beyond kid’s stress handling capacity, they fall sick.

And forget scolding kids below 10! They are not mature enough for you so called disciplined life!

Once you are parent, you must make sure cheerful and healthy home environment! 🙂 I have seen many parents of my age utterly careless about this.

Watch your words and actions in front of kids below 12! Does not matter, your kid or anyone’s. No violence.

Too much, too early : Early Schooling

Child-Early-Education Img src:


When I tell my peers, friends and family that ideal age to start education is around 7, they laugh on me. (I shared on this online forum several times)

When I explain them the reason behind Sacred Thread ceremony (Yagnopavit/Janoi – which is unfortunately have become symbol of one community only.) as a mark of beginning of the study, which is around same age 7, they laugh on me.

Admitting child to formal education too early is colonial legacy which Britishers introduced to produce obedient slaves. But even in UK, there is anger against damage caused by early school admission.

“The fear is that the English system, introduced in 1870, is now causing profound damage”

If we consider the contribution of play to children’s development as learners, and the harm caused by starting formal learning at 4 to 5 years old, the evidence for a later start is very persuasive.

For your school going kids below age 7 – be carefree! Don’t give them stress! If they don’t want to go school, it is fine! Let them enjoy the rhythms!

Research : England and a few other countries start formal education at age 4 or 5. That’s harmful and misguided

Article at newscientist writes:

This would bring it in line with the overwhelming evidence showing that starting school later is best, and the practice in many countries, such as Sweden and Finland. These countries have better academic achievement and child well-being, despite children not starting school until age 7.
The fear is that the English system – which was introduced in 1870 in order to get women back into work, rather than on the basis of any educational benefit to children – is now causing profound damage. A similar story applies in the rest of the UK, and there is pressure for greater formality in preschools in other countries, such as the US.
This evidence comes from anthropological, psychological, neuroscientific and educational studies. For example, research on children’s play in extant hunter-gatherer societies, and evolutionary psychology studies of other mammalian young, have identified play as an adaptation that enabled early humans to become powerful learners and problem-solvers.
Neuroscientific studies have supported this view of play as a central mechanism in learning. The 2009 book The Playful Brain: Venturing to the limits of neuroscience, for example, reviewed many studies showing that playful activity leads to the growth of more connections between neurons, particularly in the frontal lobe – the part of the brain responsible for uniquely human higher mental functions.
Experimental psychology has consistently demonstrated the superior learning and motivation arising from playful, as opposed to instructional, approaches to early education.
 Yet another study, in 2002, demonstrated that, by the end of their sixth year in school, children in the US whose preschool learning had been academically directed achieved significantly lower marks compared with those who had attended play-based programmes.



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