Child Development

Child Development

Who is raising our children?

Child Development
Child Development

“Who is raising your child?”
“That is weird question. Of course, we, his parents.”
“I don’t think so, you are not alone.Who else?”
“And who? You can say, his baby-sitter helps us.”
“Oh yes, our parents help too sometimes. His school teachers at school.”
“And you miss some more names…”
“TV commercials, soap opera, cartoon network, Salman, Aamir, Sachin, Ajay, Akshay, Dhoni, mobile games, video games, and the endless list of entertainment tools.When he is at home, doesn’t he spend more time with all of these than with you, your parents ?”
“Then who is actually raising your child? Certainly not you. It is damn your electronic monsters at home! Do not expect more from him than a cartoon overloaded with information and blind awe for entertainment.”
Screen entertainment (TV/Mobile/Laptop/Game player) , like nature and books, has by its same power to control the time, attention and cognitive habits of our youth. In fact, screen entertainment is new competing curriculum, killing institution of Bharatiya education by slow poisoning of shallowness.

Needless to add that same screen entertainment is responsible for accelerating ageing, abridging scope of childhood and lengthening adulthood, confused, weak, shallow and directionless youth.

Background noise may hinder toddlers’ ability to learn words

None. Read –> ‘None’. None of modern homes are suitable for child development.
Parents are always in argument mode. There is always some background noise of TV/Radio/Mobile.
Silence is rare event in modern urban homes.
Ignorant parents think that children are sleeping. So they go on fighting with each other and other family members/neighbours. Reckless parenting!!
Background Noise src:
Background Noise

Background noise may hinder toddlers’ ability to learn words

“Modern homes are filled with noisy distractions such as TV, radio, and people talking that could affect how children learn words at early ages. Our study suggests that adults should be aware of the amount of background speech in the environment when they’re interacting with young children.”

Children will rarely be in a completely quiet environment when learning. Parents and teachers may find that reducing background noise or highlighting important information can help children learn even when there is background noise. These suggestions may be especially important for low-income households because research shows that such homes on average have higher noise levels due to urban settings and crowding.

Research: Food commercials influence children’s food choices

Many a times, parents argue with me that, after all, Cartoon network is innocent entertainment!
What parents ignores is: Flood of Advertisements! Will you please listen to pediatricians?
While ideal child development should be season driven and innate prakriti driven, large part of human society is raised by Television 🙁
Entertainment Driven Growth
Entertainment Driven Growth

The Influence of Televised Food Commercials on Children’s Food Choices: Evidence from Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex Activations

Stephen W. Pruitt, PhD, Oh-Ryeong Ha, PhD, J. Bradley C. Cherry, JD, Timothy R. Smith, MD, Jared M. Bruce, PhD, Seung-Lark Lim, PhD

Food advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry, with approximately $1.8 billion annually aimed at children and adolescents, who view between 1,000 and 2,000 ads per year. Some studies have shown that there is a relationship between receptivity to food commercials and the amount and type of food consumed. In a new study scheduled for publication in The Journal of Pediatrics, researchers studied the brain activity of children after watching food commercials and found that the commercials influence children’s food choices and brain activity.

The researchers found that, overall, the children’s decisions were driven by tastiness rather than healthfulness. However, taste was even more important to the children after watching food commercials compared with non-food commercials; faster decision times (i.e., how quickly the children decided whether they wanted to eat the food item shown) also were observed after watching food commercials. Additionally, the ventromedial prefrontal cortices of the children were significantly more active after watching food commercials.

Food marketing has been cited as a significant factor in food choices, overeating, and obesity in children and adolescents. The results of this study show that watching food commercials may change the way children value taste, increasing the potential for children to make faster, more impulsive food choices. Notes Dr. Bruce, “Food marketing may systematically alter the psychological and neurobiological mechanisms of children’s food decisions.”

Derailed Duty : Storytelling

Story telling is an important parenting tool. It helps developing brain to support infinite mind each child has. Unlimited potential. Being parent, one should learn this skill. I always prefered narration of stories to my son, where minimum man-made objects are glorified and maximum mother nature detail is explained. For this Sanskrit literature is wonderful source where mother nature is glorified with intricate detail in simple manner.
Stories involving sea, lake, river, monkey, parrot, camel, mountain, stream, jungle…where all forms of mother nature are active part of the story. Impact of this way of story telling is that my son when visits lake, sea, jungle, can connect with mother within split second. He calls tree his friend. Monkey his brother. fish as her little sisters…and so on. To connect with universal mind becomes easy. These are all my observations and experiences. You may experiment.
1) Facilitating cartoon DVD on TV or laptop is not story telling
2) Listening mp3 is not story telling
3) Artificial objects as modern cartoons depicts is not story telling
4) Imaginary character worship is not story telling
5) Reducing real heroes as cartoons is not story telling
I am not saying all above ways are absolutely faulty. But certainly they are limiting child’s potential.
Let there be pure assistance-free (not to use Pictures, cartoons, movies, songs for all sessions. One can use sometime so that kids have an idea about the medium. But no addiction to visuals.) verbal communication and amateur acting to create raw images. Let your child immersed in your words and acting. Let him/her create her own world of imagination. Pure, sattvik and infinite.
Think about. Experiment. Good week ahead! (y) 🙂

Childhood, toys and psychological impact

Toys and Development
Toys and Development

What is common among breath [prana], time, sun, horse and the Universe?

They all are वेगवान. All of them has गति. They are not static. Their speed is their hallmark.

In Sanskrit, one word describes all of them: अश्व.

And so when you read : अश्वस्य भूषणं वेगो | Speed is the glory of Horse (Ashwa), one can correlate all above entities and their respective speed.

The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad begins by describing the sacrificial horse as representing the entire universe: ‘its head is the dawn, its eye the sun, its breath the wind, its trunk the year’.

The Ashvamedha sacrifice is the celebration of ‘victory over time’, ‘Synergy with Prana’ and ‘Seamless interplay of inner universe with external universe’.

It is good idea to introduce toy horses (if real ones not possible) to your kids and let their growing imagery is filled with full of vivid visuals of horses. Let there be mock interplay with अश्व. It will psychologically prepare his senses and mind to cope up with speed of the Prana, Time and the Universe when initiated for learning and later in subsequent ashrams.

We are Sorry, Next Generation!



Majority of next generation kids, afflicted by plethora sicknesses, will cry and ask God about root cause of their suffering, following answer will come:

यतेनसो मातृकृताच्छेषे पितृकृताच्च यत् ।
उन्मोचनप्रमोचने उभे वाचा वदामि ते || Atharva Veda – 5-30-4

“If you are lying there sick, it is due to your mother and father’s carelessness!”

You are suffering because of your parents. They were stupid. They did not take care of environment. They mindlessly consume Prana. They had no restraints in life. They were worse than animals. The generation of 21st century. They are the root cause of your suffering.

You (Parents/Would-be parents) are the architects of future. Be responsible!

Boring (Karna Vedha) : Fashion vs Sanskar, Science

Karna Vedha Sanskar vs mindless fashion
Karna Vedha Sanskar vs mindless fashion

Boring of different limbs for wearing ornaments is considered savage habit by our modern, educated intellectuals.

Some of us, predominantly metro youth, bore different limbs as a fashion. Almost without any reason. Mindlessly. Anywhere on the body. And these youth go to fashion stylist for piercing, who has no knowledge of physiology and anatomy of human body. Who hardly take care of cleanliness? This mindless fashion invites skin reaction like issues.

कर्णवेधसंस्कार, it is not only one of the important 16 samskar ritual but also important preventive care.

Not all limbs randomly, but for us, specifically boring ears is an important ritual, irrespective of gender, caste and status. An experienced surgeon who is a specialist and who has studied the treatises of Charak and Sushrut is invited to this Samskara vidhi. In the morning, after bathing and getting child dresses with clothes and ornaments, the mother brought the child to yajna shala. A sacred fire ceremony is performed with holy hymns, then surgeon pierces the right ear first by reciting the vedic hymns. Same is followed for left ear. Surgeon physician then inserts thin gold wire in the freshly pierced ears to prevent the holes from closing up. He also applies healing ointments to the ears. Piercing should be able pass through sun rays from it.

Shushrut says: “Ears of a child should be bored for protection from unimagined mid-life diseases and decoration.
He again explicitly prescribes the boring of ears for preventing hydrocele and hernia (अन्त्रवृद्धिः).

शङ्कोपरि च कर्णान्ते त्यक्त्वा यत्नेन सेवनीयम् ।
व्यत्यासाद्वा शिरां विध्येदन्त्रवृद्धि निवृत्तये ॥

Btw, in modern medicine, there is no specific reason given as root cause of hernia. They give random excuses and guess work. Approximately five million Americans have hernias. Overall, About 25% of males and 2% of females develop inguinal hernias; this is the most common hernia in males and females.

And yet, we are happy to blindly accept medications from modern medicines but foolishly ignore preventive care suggested by local sharir shashtra.
It is also unfortunate that this Samskar, like other rituals, has become mechanical process and so those who are performing it also doing it mindlessly.

If you are an educated doctor, surgeon specifically, take up this as research work and re-establish this ritual back in our society in the interest of National good health.

Summer Vacation and Information Overload



One friend says: “TV teaches me great things. For example, Dicovery channel. Until its arrival, we were not knowing so many great things about the world! It is great help for education and learning!”

I replied: “Do you know, how many plants grow in your neighborhood? ground water level in your area? Number of rain water harvesting facilities in your area? Sources of vegetables and fruits that your eat?

What is the use of hollow global information overload when we are utterly ignorant about facts which directly impact our life?

What should be our priority? 🙂

Life is limited. Use it wisely. 🙂

Summer vacation going on. So many summer camps, projects and information grabbing opportunities for children.

What is worth and what is not worth of your kid’s precious, limited, growth period?

Information or Practical aspects?

What is the use of knowing 10 types of monkeys from Africa’s jungle when a kid is afraid of monkey sitting at rooftop?

Child Development : Work In-progress, Expect hiccups



Year -1 (in womb and before that when would-be parents are planning for child) to year 7 is rapid growth period. Imagine a construction site in first few months where rapid development is happening. Site is almost all day in chaotic state. Too many changes @ different corners.

Growing child too goes through rapid development cycles during first 7-8 years of life. And during this time, body connect and disconnect with several environmental and genetic factors. During these communications, many times, stress is observed by cells who are in transition, while becoming more mature organ from being immature/nascent.

During this duration, viral infection (I called it cellular stress) is natural. It happens at least 12 times a year. Sometimes in upper respiratory track and sometimes in Gut area. Sometimes fever, sometimes diarrhea or constipation. During this time, body enters into vital dialogue with Marut(s) or Prana or bacteria for getting instructions for further development. This happens under an optimal thermal state. But this is deemed as ‘fever’ by the doctor. Drugs are given to bring down the fever, and antibiotics are administered to knock the microbes out. A peace talk is thus aborted, the child acquires lifelong immuno-deficiency and his natural growing-up is thwarted. On top of it, we alter our environment so rapidly and so chaotically that chaos withing face difficulty in cope up with the chaos outside (which is expected as at peace to help chaos within). Results in autoimmune disorders. Allergy and Asthama.


Pediatrician friend suggests: Let body take care the development phases. running nose or regularly irregular bowel sensations are just fine for initial years. Problem with current generation is that they fall sick, not only because of development phases but also due to toxic environment and reckless life style of parents. So first thing parents should do is: Radically improve life style.

Intervene when only you see sudden toxic look or temp rises above 101. Only assistance you can provide in such chaos is, let the Prana is instilled enough by natural ways i.e. Turmeric, Lemon, Honey, Milk, Butter milk (all used in different conditions).

PS: I have just shared my understanding. Use your own common sense and take decisions as per your environment.

STOP Fear Mongering Children



“यहाँ से चालीस-चालीस कोस दूर तक जब रात में बच्चा रोता है तो माँ कहती है बेटा सो जा नहीं तो गब्बर आ जायेगा|”
Being a parent, I often observe other parents, so to learn from them. One common thing I observed is that many parents engage in fear mongering to serve the purpose (to make the child sleep or the feed the child etc).

This is highly insensitive practice.

As per Charak Samhita (The Ayurvedic Authority Scripture)

“न ह्यस्य वित्रासनं साधु तस्मात्तस्मिन् रुदत्यभुञ्जाने वाऽन्यत्र विधेयतामगच्छति राक्षसपिशाचपूतनाद्यानां नामान्याह्वयता कुमारस्य वित्रासनार्थं नामग्रहणं न कार्यं स्यात् |” [1]

“Never ever engage in fear mongering. Even if child does not eat, cries and does mischief, do not engage in fear mongering. Never use imaginary characters like भुत, राक्षस,पिशाच,पूतना etc to threaten them. Do not show them shadows as भुत, राक्षस,पिशाच,पूतना”

This practice subconsciously kills their inborn fearlessness and will lead to mild to severe mental issues in adult life. Avoid. This is the challenge of being parent. Learn creative ways to convince child and not the shortcut i.e. fear mongering or threatening. Such parenting will lead you to loss at the end. Take care.

Fear mongering (or scaremongering or scare tactics) is the use of fear to influence the opinions and actions of others towards some specific end. The feared object or subject is sometimes exaggerated, and the pattern of fear mongering is usually one of repetition, in order to continuously reinforce the intended effects of this tactic, sometimes in the form of a vicious circle.




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