Since last two weeks, I see all pink posters everywhere. I thought about some new female cosmetics products launch. But when I read the content, it was actually selling sickness campaign.

In Industry, profit depends upon the customer base. More customers, more profit.

Cancer is now industry. I recently read signboards across the city for free breast cancer screening. In name of charity, detect more future patients. 🙁



The breast cancer industry is now run by corporations that profit from women who receive breast cancer treatments. Free screening is the beginning.

“Breast cancer has been transformed into a market-driven industry. It has become more about making money for corporate sponsors than funding innovative ways to treat breast cancer.” – Health Studies researcher Samantha King, author of Pink Ribbons Inc.

The emphasis on breast cancer “screening,” and the circus of holding breast cancer awareness months is, of course, all about recruiting more women into a system of treatment that generates profits for drug companies.

Researchers at the Nordic Cochrane Center in Denmark studied 500,000 women to determine the results of breast cancer screening programs. They found that for every one woman helped by breast cancer screening, ten were harmed through false diagnosis or unnecessary treatments that devastated their health.

Beware. Do not become pharma company trap.

There are ways to prevent cancer. Try not to succumb to fear mongering.

Breast Cancer Industry A Scam? Support Education, Not Medication