Present day Bollywood (since inception actually) is not mere entertainment. In name of entertainment, hidden brainwashing is going on for long. Silent social engineering to alter native beliefs, create cognitive dissonance in viewers, generate chaos in their mind, luring them for काम,क्रोध,वासना,लोभ and all personal and societal vices.

They also penetrate stereotypes. For example, Pandit is always shown cunning and cruel. Father in church is always great person. Imam or fakir will be sage like character. But Temple is a place to flirt and Brahman is a person for ridicule.

Effects of this social engineering is quite visible now. For youth, these fake actors and their virtual roles are role model.

With such a huge potential to control mass, many anti-India forces use it profusely.

In short, it is dangerous mind war.

In this war, finest manipulators (I don’t use word actor for them) like Amir Khan or Amitabh Bacchan are their strongest pawns (Like movie Gladiator).

Manipulators don’t deserve respect.

And this is the reason I urge my family, friends and virtual friends to stay away from Bollywood.

(There are other reasons too. Like Bollywood is a biggest platform to convert black money into white.)