‘Eureka! I invented’ is eternal fallacy.
And only arrogant fools use it.

It is science culture that one should use ‘We invented’ or ‘We discovered’ or ‘We researched’ – No matter how much you claim , your idea is mere new layer of knowledge on top of sheer accumulation of past works of many.

હું કરું, હું કરું, એ જ અજ્ઞાનતા,
શકટનો ભાર જેમ શ્વાન તાણે;
– નરસિંહ મેહતા

To think that one is the real doer of the deeds is sheer ignorance
Like that of a dog trotting under the cart
And thinking that he is carrying the burden!
– Narsinh Mehta (poet-saint of Gujarat, India, notable as a bhakta, an exponent of Vaishnava poetry.)

Keeping this eternal fallacy in mind, भारतीय culture always advocated to participate in यज्ञ(collective work) or say यज्ञ is collective work and not individual’s work, and with this understanding, one can save self from tomfoolery of claiming individuality for any invention or breakthrough.