Lack of nutrients in food + Toxic food + Irregular life routine + Frequent travel stress + workplace stress ➠Premature Aging ➠ Gray hair

Due to our chaotic life style, we see many young adults (age below 30) with white beard. This is sign of early aging due to rapid oxidation. A common consensus is that gray hair is caused by stress. Stress accelerate oxidation process and hence rapid aging. When an individual is stressed, anxious or frightened, the skin tightens up. In turn, hair follicles in the face and scalp cannot receive adequate nutrients. The end result is unhealthy hair that turns gray.

Along with reducing stress, one should focus more on good diet, regular routine. As a remedy, include sesame oil massage in your morning routine.

Sesame oil works as anti-oxidant agent. It also provides nutrients to skin. It also balances Vayu in the skin and which regulates the cell metabolism by reducing cellular stress. This is about body massage.

In short, reduce cellular stress, both physical and mental. (Y)

It is really shock to see sportsperson having early gray. It exposes their toxic life style. Not a true sportsperson signs 🙂 Not only him, many of his fans with similar life style 🙂.