Maa Ganga – Eternal Catalyst That Can Balance The Tridosha

समृद्धं सौभाग्यं सकलवसुधायाः किमपि तत्-
महैश्वर्यं लीलाजनितजगतः खण्डपरशोः ।
श्रुतीनां सर्वस्वं सुकृतमथ मूर्तं सुमनसां
सुधासौन्दर्यं ते सलिलमशिवं नः शमयतु ॥ १ ॥
You are the complete fortune of the whole world. You are that un-describable wealth of Siva who playfully created the world. You are the sum and substance of the Vedas. You are the good fortune and personified beauty of ambrosia for the divine beings. May your waters destroy our sins.

Maa Ganga
Maa Ganga

Kunds or water bodies in Braj, near Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh, are believed to be divine. Folklore says that these kunds have water from every pilgrimage place in the world.

We often hear tales about sacred water sources at Tirtha Sthan(s) and possible appearance of Maa Ganga or Maa Narmada on so and so day in that water body.

Literal minds trained in reductionist science will discard this claim as superstition. That is not end of story.

But for those believe in true science and accept that water changes its properties based on place, person/object in contact with and environment, will not discard folklore as superstition. As discussed in separate post, water carries swabhava of the soil i.e. Pitta, Vata and Kapha. Since it is live entity, its prakruti changes, whether it is flowing water or Kund water.
No wonder if water of XYZ kund has water of Maa Ganga on Ganga Saptami (Vaishakh month). It is potent hint that, in this season, water of Kund has exactly same property as Maa Ganga’s pradhan prakriti.

Any name given to place or person represent their Prakriti. It is our limited understanding that we limit word ‘Ganga’ with physical flow of water from Gangotri to Bay of Bengal. Ganga denotes specific prakriti of the water. It flows in our body too, from head to heart (I gave you hint. Go research on it).

Water of maa ganga is self-healing. Healing is possible when Vayu, pitta and Kapha are in balance. That means water that can re-establish balance of Vayu, pitta, Kapha in sharir, is Maa Ganga. No wonder why Gau mutra is popular as Ganga and in absence of Ganga water, Gau mutra is used in all rituals for purification. Gau mutra is very well known for balancing dosha(s) in body. And imagine farming without Gau mutra? Farming without Ganga jal? Result is: Whatever we eat is doshic because Ganga jal is not used! And so IT IS CRITICAL TO SAVE GAU VAMSH if we want to eat healthy food. FARMING WITHOUT GAU IN BHARAT IS UTTERLY MORONIC METHOD.

What is the test to validate Ganga water? (The verse mentioned in picture)

“If boiled rice kept soaked in water in golden, silver or earthen pot does not deteriorate and retains natural color, it is Ganga water!”

As per Charak Maharaj, गंगामाश्वयुजे मासि यत्प्रवर्षति तोयदः सर्वदा तज्जलं पेयं तथा च चरके वचः

Which means, Rain water in Sep-Oct months (आश्विन) is having Ganga property i.e. it can balance all the dosha in body. It is best drinking water.

Now let us come to Kund water. If Vrindavan Kund(s) have water from all pilgrimage sites, it means, it is Ganga water. Can cure anything.

Unfortunately, we have not preserved these Kunds and divinity of water.

There is mere physical aspect of Maa Ganga. More research is needed on it to unveil spiritual aspects.

PS: I dedicate this post to Jagannatha Pandita as his Ganga Lahari is my inspiration for continuous research on Maa Ganga

Mass Sickness : Gossip and Vata Prakop

Vata Prakop and useless talks
Vata Prakop and useless talks

You see them all around. Eternal blabbering and complaining. Purposeless talks. Even worthless debates on social media!

Root cause as well as root outcome : Vata Prakop

Introspect. Your mental habits are causing havoc for body.

If you are under Vata Prakop, you will be engaged in worthless mental communication. On the other hand, if you keep your mind engaged in purposeless mental activities, it creates Vata havoc for body.

Once under Vata Prakop, you are prone to all deadly Vata diseases. So don’t complain or play innocent when you are suddenly afflicted by ALS, Cancer, Heart arrest or alike situation.

One reason why I avoid कुतर्क based online debates. 🙂


Three : Triguna, Tridosha and Three types of microbes


3 is everywhere in Sanatana Dharma. त्रिदेव, त्रिशूल, त्रिलोक, त्रिगुण, त्रिदोष and so on.


Bacterial Ecosystems Divide People Into 3 Groups, Scientists Say

Bacterial Ecosystems in Guts => your ability to digest food nutrients => Your nature or Prakruti

So, basically world of science is moving towards already known facts in Indian culture i.e. त्रिगुण (Satva,Rajas,Tamas), त्रिदोष (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)

The data, on the bacteriomes of Europeans, Japanese and Americans indicates that human bacteriomes fall into 3 ‘robust clusters’, independent of ethnicity, nation or continent. The paper suggests that enterotypes originate in preferred colonization of the gut of newly born infants.

And hoes does newborn’s sterile gut is colonized?

Mother’s milk i.e mother’s prakriti, Father’s prakruti, grand-parents prakriti and place where newborn is raised.


Bacterial Ecosystems Divide People Into 3 Groups, Scientists Say

Three types of microbes
Three types of microbes

In the early 1900s, scientists discovered that each person belonged to one of four blood types. Now they have discovered a new way to classify humanity: by bacteria. Each human being is host to thousands of different species of microbes. Yet a group of scientists now report just three distinct ecosystems in the guts of people they have studied.

Nor could they find a connection to sex, weight, health or age. They are now exploring other explanations. One possibility is that the guts, or intestines, of infants are randomly colonized by different pioneering species of microbes.

The microbes alter the gut so that only certain species can follow them.

Whatever the cause of the different enterotypes, they may end up having discrete effects on people’s health. Gut microbes aid in food digestion and synthesize vitamins, using enzymes our own cells cannot make.

Dr. Bork and his colleagues have found that each of the types makes a unique balance of these enzymes. Enterotype 1 produces more enzymes for making vitamin B7 (also known as biotin), for example, and Enterotype 2 more enzymes for vitamin B1 (thiamine).

Please Note:

  • त्रिगुण (Satva,Rajas,Tamas), त्रिदोष (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) – they are also not having dependency on sex, weight, health and age but in reality controls all aspects of life! And this part of truth is not yet realized by modern science.



Vata Prakop : Cracked heels

PS: Young married couple: If you see any of Vata symptom in each other, treat it before you plan for progeny. This is to unnecessary avoid Vata as birth Prakruti.

Vayu Prakop - Normal in middle age
Vayu Prakop – Normal in middle age

Cracked heels (Benign Vipadika) is a symptom of Vata Prakop. Vipadika is a common disorder of skin which affects the people irrespective of age and sex. It is not limited to any particular class in the society. Its signs and symptoms according to charaka are pani pada sphutana and teevra vedana.

This used to be middle age symptom indicating gradual increase of Vata with aging. But now a days, I see college going youth suffering from this – Clear indication of untimely and early onset of aggravated Vata.

When it becomes prolonged or spread in entire body, we call it कुष्ठ / Leprosy.


1) Apply warm sesame oil or ghee cooked with turmeric and hareettaki.
2) Soak the feet in warm salt water daily for 5-10 mins
3) Apply mixture of castor oil and turmeric on cracks
4) Apply mixture of castor oil and turmeric + Triphala on cracks

Ganesha Utsav, Center of body, Microbes And Health

In Sanatana dharma, one God has several forms described in scriptures. As per worshipper’s need, different form is prescribed for worship.


As per scriptures, देह-मध्य is where मूलाधार or abode of गणेश is. For humans, it is near GUT. For animals, in heart. For birds, in stomach. For trees, it is roots. For all living and non-living beings, देह-मध्य varies and so place of गणपति. Based on the place or the host, गणपति’s name, form, color, vehicle and decoration changes. So there are infinite forms of गणपति based on variations in प्राण combinations of each object (living or dead) has.

First and foremost thing we can do to Ganesh Pooja in human form is to maintain proper posture. 🙂 Right posture means stability of प्राण in देह-मध्य.

Second, we can keep our GUT clean. Modak made from Desi Cow ghee helps here in this season. 🙂

देह-मध्य शुचिता (cleansing of center of the body) is important.

Some of us worship Vinayaka, some worship Lambodara, some worship महागणपति.

महागणपति is depicted with pomegranate in hand. Like Modak, it is indicating vital food of the season.

Ucchistha Ganapati
Ucchistha Ganapati

There are three harvesting seasons for pomegranate in India.
1) November-March (Mrig bahar)
2) February-May (Hasta bahar)
3) June – August (Ambe Bahar – flowering happens along with Mango flowering)

In Maharashtra, farmers follow third harvest season. So when this time of the year they celebrate Ganesh Festival, pomegranate is vital part of food and life in all households.महागणपति form prescribes us to eat pomegranate in this season. It is no wonder that Maharashtra celebrates Ganesha with pomegranate.


All Sanatana Dharma symbols give hints related to three worlds 1) Physical body (आधि-भौतिक) 2) Internal working of body (आधि-दैविक) 3) Mental world (आध्यात्मिक)

It will take time understand meaning of pomegranate on आधि-दैविक and आध्यात्मिक plane but it is easy to understand its importance on आधि-भौतिक plane.

“१ अनार १०० बीमार” – “1 pomegranate for 100 diseases.”


This season is known for epidemics. pomegranate can help you keep Nation of trillion+ body cells healthy.

Google and search benefits of pomegranate.

As a part of our worship, we should study these symbols, decipher meanings and live life as per prescriptions.

Sugarcane is also part of महागणपति. It tropical region, this period is either planting or harvesting time for sugarcane.

Eating jaggery in this season is also important for health.


Research on pomegranate drug to stem Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Dr Olumayokun Olajide’s research will now look to produce compound derivatives of punicalagin for a drug that would treat neuro-inflammation

Dr Olumayokun Olajide ‌THE onset of Alzheimer’s disease can be slowed and some of its symptoms curbed by a natural compound that is found in pomegranate. Also, the painful inflammation that accompanies illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and Parkinson’s disease could be reduced, according to the findings of a two-year project headed by University of Huddersfield scientist Dr Olumayokun Olajide, who specialises in the anti-inflammatory properties of natural products.


Research underway to create pomegranate drug to stem Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Modern medicine is re-inventing wheel invented by Ayurveda.
Those who have studied भावप्रकाश निघंटु, knows this very well.

In fact, it is common sense in local culture: “१ अनार १०० बीमार” – “1 pomegranate for 100 diseases.”

PS 1: Observe the trend. Modern chemical based pharma is losing ability to cure sickness using fancy chemical compounds. They are now researching on plant based medicines. If you are wise, embrace your local traditions! Or pay high price later by buying nice fancy pomegranate based medicines 😀

PS 2: Your kids are under going schooling which alieanted them far away from local culture. So they will hardly know all these things 🙂. Solution? De-school them daily 🙂. Spend more time with them. Spend more time in mother nature. She loves all of us and gives potent hints

Understand derangement of Vayu


वात प्रकोप (Derangement of Vayu) means वात क्षय(Decrease in Vata) or वात वृध्धि (Increase in Vata).

When वात प्रकोप is due to aging, you generally see symptoms of वात वृध्धि.

Easiest self-examination: Do you get enough sleep? वात वृध्धि will decrease your sleep. अल्पनिद्रता.

In old age, at sunset, at last prahar of night and once food is digested in stomach, वात वृध्धि is experienced. In old age, it becomes nature of body while in other cases, we occasionally experience वात वृध्धि.

To control Vata in young age:

1) Do not remain awake until last prahar of night (beyond midnight)
2) Do not do heavy mental activities for 1 hr after taking meals
3) Do not sleep at sunset or daytime

Hint: ALS (Thickening of tissue in the motor tracts of the lateral columns and anterior horns of the spinal cord; results in progressive muscle atrophy that starts in the limbs) is common in population with above three habits 🙂 ALS is a vata derangement due to bad habits.

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