No Surya Namaskar = More Cancer Cases




Couple of days back, I shared importance of Sun salutation. सूर्य नमस्कार is the prime vaccine against all immunological disorders, including inflammatory conditions, cancers etc.

With growing age, reproductive organs of females pass through aging and gradual non-functioning. This is the time when they pass through mental trauma and unforeseen physical conditions. Sometimes cancer.

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women in the United States. About 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

Do you know why we are in this mess?

We really don’t spend much of the time on physical activities. Sun exposure is minimal.

Early epidemiologic research showed that incidence and death rates for certain cancers were lower among individuals living in southern latitudes, where levels of sunlight exposure are relatively high, than among those living at northern latitudes. Because exposure to ultraviolet light from sunlight leads to the production of vitamin D, researchers hypothesized that variation in vitamin D levels might account for this association. However, additional research based on stronger study designs is required to determine whether higher vitamin D levels are related to lower cancer incidence or death rates.

Experimental evidence has also suggested a possible association between vitamin D and cancer risk. In studies of cancer cells and of tumors in mice, vitamin D has been found to have several activities that might slow or prevent the development of cancer, including promoting cellular differentiation, decreasing cancer cell growth, stimulating cell death (apoptosis), and reducing tumor blood vessel formation (angiogenesis)

अथर्ववेद prescribes:

सूर्यस्य रश्मीन् अनु याः सञ्चरन्ति मरीचीर् वा या अनुसञ्चरन्ति |

Translation: “Females should spend good amount of time under the sun,”

रश्मि स्नान – सूर्यस्नान

Encourage females in your family to wake up before sunrise and spend at least 30 minutes under the sun (not in gym! 😀). On ground, in front of the sun, doing Surya namaskar! Don’t strive for so called fair skin!! 😉

Prevention is better than cancer cure!

It is really unfortunate that despite favorable conditions of adequate sun exposure, we now spend much of the time in AC offices and homes. 🙁

Surya Sadhana and Panchamahabhuta refinement



Sanskrit word तप्त has two meanings 1) Heated 2) Refined
When something is in तप्त state, invisible refinement is natural.
Our body goes through transformation when we expose it to originator of universal fire i.e. The sun.

सूर्य नमस्कार (+ any sports under the morning sun) is the primary vaccine. Keeps us refined i.e. तप्त. Keeps us miles away from abnormal aging, cancer, weak heart etc. The key is : Early morning physical activity.

Remember : सूर्य नमस्कार is not same as beach tanning. Body has to be physically active under the morning sun. Idle body under the sun = extreme ultraviolet radiation. Not good.


How to refill Prana?


PranaSurya SuryaNamaskar

How to refill प्राण ? This was the question asked by friend in this post (

In my limited understanding, there are several answers to this. I will try to explain by several posts.

Answer 1 : Ultimate source of प्राण is सूर्य. Getting connected with him is primary activity to help us refill and balance प्राणमय कोश.

Spend time in nature during Sunrise and sunset.
Do सूर्यनमस्कार & जल-तर्पण every morning.
Chant his names for each round of सूर्यनमस्कार
Follow proper inhale-exhale rhythm while performing सूर्यनमस्कार .The basic breathing principle is to inhale during backward bending postures and exhale during forward bending postures. Follow picture with this post.


Sun Worship and Healthy Heart



For those service sector white collar workers who hardly spend an hour under the sun.
Solution for healthy heart is not vitamin D supplement pills but sun exposure!
Daily, at least three times (sunrise, noon, sunset) – spend time with the Sun, by worshiping it.
Do Surya Namaskar early morning. Unless there is exposure to the sun and there is physical activity with mental focus (chanting The Sun’s name), heart will remain weak. Mere continuous exposure to the sun at any time of the day (like people do at beaches) without any physical activity and mental focus – won’t help much.
Every morning – at least 15 minutes of Surya Namaskar. Do it for 90 days and experience magic in life.

सूर्य = प्राण
प्राण = Cellular intelligence, organ intelligence.

Not only heart, all organs will thank you for this little help by surya namaskar.


New study finds vitamin D3 improves heart function

A daily dose of vitamin D3 improves heart function in people with chronic heart failure, a five-year University of Leeds research project has found.
Dr Klaus Witte, from the School of Medicine and Consultant Cardiologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, led the study, known as VINDICATE.

He said: “This is a significant breakthrough for patients. It is the first evidence that vitamin D3 can improve heart function of people with heart muscle weakness – known as heart failure. These findings could make a significant difference to the care of heart failure patients.”

Vitamin D3 can be boosted by exposure to sunlight, but heart failure patients are often deficient in it even during the summer because older people make less vitamin D3 in response to sunlight than younger people. Vitamin D3 production in the skin is also reduced by sunscreen.

The study, which was funded by the Medical Research Council, involved more than 160 patients from Leeds who were already being treated for their heart failure using proven treatments including beta-blockers, ACE-inhibitors and pacemakers.

Participants were asked to take vitamin D3 or a dummy (placebo) tablet for one year. Those patients who took vitamin D3 experienced an improvement in heart function which was not seen in those who took a placebo.

Changes in heart function were measured by cardiac ultrasound. Heart specialists measure heart function by taking an ultrasound scan of the heart (known as an echocardiogram) and measuring how much blood pumps from the heart with each heartbeat, known as ejection fraction.

The ejection fraction of a healthy person is usually between 60% and 70%. In heart failure patients, the ejection fraction is often significantly impaired – in the patients enrolled into the VINDICATE study the average ejection fraction was 26%.

In the 80 patients who took Vitamin D3, the heart’s pumping function improved from 26% to 34%. In the others, who took placebo, there was no change in cardiac function.

This means that for some heart disease patients, taking vitamin D3 regularly may lessen the need for them to be fitted with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), a device which detects dangerous irregular heart rhythms and can shock the heart to restore a normal rhythm.

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