Plants obviously emit odors that animals and human beings are attracted to, but they also sense their own odors and those of neighboring plants.

Yes, plants smell. Our dictionary’s definition of “smell” excludes plants because they lack full fledged nervous system. But this does not mean they cannot smell.

Smells affect plant’s response. How?

Pheromones – A chemical substance secreted externally by some animals and plants that influences the physiology or behavior of other animals/plants of the same species or other species.

This article makes perfect sense to me due to my Sanatana background where I considers organs different from senses.

If you consider organ as a proof of sense ability, you will laugh on this article but if you can differentiate, sense and sense organ, this makes perfect sense.

All plants love Gobar and Urine smell. All insects of local ecosystem where cows reside, love dung odor. Dung is sufficient to trigger laying eggs (Oviposition) by insects.

No wonder why Agnihotra with herbs like turmeric is loved by my home garden. No wonder why we daily do Diya at Tulsi mata. Along with other factors like heat, Prana, odor also play critical role.


Do Plants Smell Other Plants? This One Does, Then Strangles What It Smells