British officer, director of Indore based agriculture institute and advisor to govt for states in Central Indian and rajputana, Albery Howard (C.I.E) confessed that Indian Agriculture practices (गौ आधारित कृषि) are best and ideal to adopt for rest of the world.

He shares reason behind introduction of artificial fertilizers to India in his report (1940).

” Artificial manures are widely used. The feature of the manuring of the West is the use of artificial manures. The factories engaged during the Great War in the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen for the manufacture of explosives had to find other markets, the use of nitrogenous fertilizers in agriculture increased, until today the majority of farmers and market gardeners base their manurial programme on the cheapest forms of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) on the market. What may he conveniently described as the NPK mentality, dominates farming alike in the experimental stations and the country-side. Vested interests, entrenched in time of national emergency, have gained a stranglehold.”

Same strategy is used by US right now for introducing GM crops, pesticides, large agri machines and nuclear plants.

It is burning time to get rid of all retarded technologies from our farms.


Nehru govt was the most retarded govt in our history who introduced artificial fertilizer units across country and destroyed fertility of the land.