Will Processed food kill me? Smoking? Drinking?


No. Damn, no addiction kills you. 🙂 Physical substances are weak enough to summon Death. Death is different domain. Addictions cripple us. And such crippled life is worse than death 🙂

I am least bothered about death. I won’t get engaged in fear mongering like modern medicine who links death with all sicknesses and pretend to defeat death. That is sheer illusion.

Addictions depletes Prana. With depleted Prana, we invite numerous medical conditions. With such conditions, we cannot perform our duties towards the universe well. Cascading effect may results in more severe form of destruction.

Addiction cripples mind. Tamas increases exponentially with each intense level of addiction. Tamas leads to adharmic actions. Actions against the natural laws. Again inviting destruction.

So – No to Maggi. No to Smoking. Or anything activity that causes harmful addiction.