Sentimental Animal activists often cite that plants have no brain. Their attitude towards plants is like machine!
For me, they are as ignorant as those who indulge in mass slaughter based diet.
In my culture, we believe plants equally sensitive. We don’t cut plants any day any time! Before receiving food from plant, we do worship and say sorry for this part of the food received.
We wait for crop’s aging and natural death. We don’t eat sprouted seeds! We never treat plants 24×7 slaves. We eat seasonal food. We never seek exotic vegetables and fruits! We worship Tulsi and Mango! We don’t see them as object to be consumed as most Vegans do!
Who is more sensitive? 😉
That is why, instead of food jihad, I suggest Food Sensitivity. Being local, intuitively following local food is the way! And not replacing food with Vitamin D3 and B12 pills! 😀 (Go to any Vegan group, only talk they are involved is , either finding substitute pills or sentimentally brainwashing netizens)
It is certainly tomfoolery to force Eskimo to eat leafy vegetables! And same is to force grass land habitat like us to go and eat exotic Olive and Canola!
Watch this!! Must!