Our grand-children will remember our generations (Born in 20th and 21st century) as generation of fools, who grew/raised food by poisons.

Be wise now and earn respect from grand-children in future for saving their lives 🙂. Strive for food grown in chemical-free farms.

Let me introduce new concept here to take care of your holiday fun:)

Every season end, go in search of healthy food. A kind of

Food tourism. From village to village, in search of organic food. Nothing like that. I am doing for last couple of years. No Vacation can beat the fun we as a family is having in food search travel.

I firmly believe that , it is not farmer’s job to sell. In case of food, it is win-win situation when the hungry (We the consumers) puts efforts in searching the source.

Decentralized and yet community network for food.

Farmer has more critical duties to perform towards mother nature, then worrying about sell.