If you are Sanatani, working for dharma, successful? Decentralize and become identity-less. Or be ready for being digested by आसुरिक forces.

Hint: You will be nominated for awards. You will win few. And then someone will be planted in your larger than life organization like dimak to destroy you.


You will be trapped in false cases, will be sent to behind the bar. Harassed and neutralized or killed.

Need of the hour is : Decentralize. Remain undercover, underdog. आसुरिक शक्ति don’t see small tribes as threat. We have huge task to make critical mass realize value of dharma. Until we achieve it, remain behind the scene.

If we are really dharmic, there is one common thread that connects us always : dharma. We will unite in no time whenever needed. But avoid show-off. Avoid personal milestones. Avoid महत्वकांक्षा of being leader of all. This is not a right time. You are born in a time where you may die without any glory written against your name! But remember : Biggest glory is how true you are to self, to your God! Silently, work hard. Unite when there is call.