In the era of one click instant answers from Google, friends also expect same from us.

“You read my whatsapp but never respond!”

“Give me answer now! You are not responding!”

I have faced this rapid fire many a times. I am not ज्ञानी. Forget about सर्वज्ञानी! 🙂 I don’t have answers for everything! Honestly, if you want answer from me, wait. Sometime, forever. 🙂 Rapid fire is only possible in information overload or scripted Karan Johar type gossip shows. Conversations on dharma are critical. No direct and upfront answer is possible for learner like me. Sorry. Forgive me.

Even Shri Veda Vyasa[1] thinks for a while, for a मुहूर्त before responding sincere conversation. And you want instant answer from me?

Let’s find answers together! I do some research and contemplation, you do the same!


एवमुक्तस्तु पार्थेन कृष्णद्वैपायनस्तदा।
मुहूर्तमनुसञ्चिन्त्य धर्मराजानमब्रवीत्।।

“मुहुर्तभर चिंतन करके कहने लगे…”

48 minutes long pause.