Urban Hindu(s) have turned all festivals into booze parties. Habit is now common in rural area too.

Come Diwali, lets booze!
Come Lohri, lets booze!
Come Holi, lets booze!

Nothing but individual and societal destruction.

You are worse than Catholic Hindu(s) who only restrict festivity to consumerism. Take care. Realize and correct it!

Even जय श्री राम sayers too ignoring Ramayana!

न हि धर्मार्थ सिद्ध्यर्थम् पानम् एवम् प्रशस्यते |
पानात् अर्थस्य कामः च धर्मः च परिहीयते || ४-३३-४६

46. dharma artha siddhi artham = rectitude, riches, to achieve, for the purpose of; evam paanam prashasyate hi = this way, drinking, not, appreciable, isn’t it; paanaat = by drinking; arthasya kaamaH ca dharmaH ca = prosperity, aspirations, also, probity, even; parihiiyate = will be defeated, brought to ruin.

“For the purpose of achieving rightly rectitude and rightful riches this way of bacchanalia is inappreciable, isn’t it! Just going on drinking will bring prosperity, aspirations and even probity to ruin. [4-33-46]