Can you look at the Sun with bare eyes? Even if you try and do, you can’t keep the gaze for long.

And while you do, your entire face in stretched. All facial muscles face stress.

That is the impact of direct exposure to light emitting source.

Similar but low intensity events happen when we continuously sit in front of screens (TV, Mobile, Laptop). When we spend more time under artificial light sources.

Our eyes are designed to work on reflected lights.
Direct light = Stress
Prolonged exposure to direct light = Intense Stress

Stress = Invite sicknesses
Stress = Accelerated Aging

Stress is a major health threat in today’s society. It causes a range of psychological problems like burnout, depression and anxiety. Even those who lead relatively relaxed lives constantly come into contact with stressed individuals. Whether at work or on television: someone is always experiencing stress, and this stress can affect the general environment in a physiologically quantifiable way through increased concentrations of the stress hormone cortisol.

And your stress is community stress. Reducing immunity of everyone in the community/group/family. Think about it.