The consequences irresponsible greedy selfish modern agriculture practices have never been adequately quantified.

“It takes up to 300 years for 1 inch of agricultural topsoil to form, soil that is lost is essentially irreplaceable.”

Above fact is by American Agriculture scientist. So now they realize what will be lost soon after 100 years of industrial farming. But they don’t know that, we can quickly regain the quality and don’t have to wait for 300 years.

Who can save us?

Bos Indicus. Asian and African zebu cows for their rich in nutrients and प्राण dung and urine. Locals call them mother. No doubt why. Only mother can save the children, whether children are wise or irresponsible. For more effective recovery of topsoil, it is always good to have operations done at micro level. Small scale farms. Land which is easily manageable by 2-3 cows managed by small farmer families. Large farms are not manageable when we want to take care of soil as mother. You simply cannot focus on the relation. And machines cannot do the job of soul.

But instead, govt policies in India and worldwide are in favor large corporate farming. They really don’t care about small farmers.

वृंदावन & गाय – They are inseparable. So when I talk about cows, forest becomes prerequisite. And as your rightly said, it is first step to stop further erosion of cow pool and connected land. There is no intention to find shortcut. It is very much clear in mind that there is no shortcut.