Purpose of क्रीडा & क्रीडागण is not mere pastime. It is not for recreation exclusively. Our rustic games, from खोखो to कब्बडी to Jallikatuu type aggressive sports – all of them were essential fundamental elements for making of warriors out of ordinary citizens.

Check these two old notes on this subject:

Mandatory Sports, Making of Citizen Warriors and National Security

Sports ground based Army of Citizens

Now, let us come to the subjects : How exactly, generation by generation, supply of manpower to Army, the foot-soldiers, are losing their abilities and the warrior spirit. There are several reasons for it (change in food patterns, lack of struggle, influence of urban life via internet/mobile) but the predominant one is the death of traditional sports. While laggard game cricket killed almost all other games, vested interests are killing some of the aggressive games like Jallikattu. This has direct impact on generations grew up without such sports!!

I wrote this in 2017 by sharing one post on Jallikattu

“Area where Jallikattu is celebrated, produces finest armed forces for Maa Bharti.
This proves my hypothesis that, there is indeed systematic collapse of
Indian security planned by Anti-India forces.
Believe it or not, it is emerging as reality.
Punjab, Maratha and now Tamil…”

Story of bull owners


Look at the leap of this bull at the finishing line. The proud owner displaying his hey days photo when he was young and won many awards.

They have many societies and trusts like Theni district veera vilayattu sangam ( valour games association of theni) nattu madu valarpor sangam ( desi cow growers society). These have thousand members or more. They plan to agitate soon. They are apalled by the lack of understanding of the issue by city people and are saying may be they shud stop all food supply to city people.

It is often forgotten that places where jallikattu happens are also places that provide significant manpower to armed forces today and in the past were significant contributors to Netajis Indian national army. how else will you have guts and promote it as a trait for generations.

Many patronizers are well educated youth and old people. He is a graduate who left a well paying job to do agriculture and also to take care of the bulls. He is a sad but agitated man. He says he is very offended when people say uneducated illiterate people encourage this barbaric sport. Who is uneducated and barbaric time will tell.

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Destroying us, bit by bit.
From the inside, while making our own people do the dirty work.
The cunning has to be admired.

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