In one seminar, the doctor told his audience that Milk also causes Cancer.

This is called ‘Half truth’ due to ‘Bookish information’. Doctor was right but he should have mentioned correct factors. Gau seva and Gau Prasad (milk, dahi, ghee, mutra, gobar) are ageless rituals of this land (in gau-friendly terrain). Cancer was not prevalent in society until foreign breed were introduced to farmers by NDDB. So being a doctor, he should have done research and gave right information.

1) Milk from A1 cows has potential to cause cancer due to genetically markers that releases BCM7 in milk
2) Milk from A1 or A2 cows, treated inhumanly **, can cause sickness since stress given to cows disturbs their prana and vata.

****treated inhumanly means:

1) When processed food is fed,
2) When meat and flesh is fed to increase milk yield
3) When hormone injections are given
4) When artificial pregnancy is forced
5) When her calves are not given their share of milk
6) When she is not allowed to graze in the field
7) When she is not given fresh water to drink
8) When she is treated like a slave or machine
9) When the milk is sold (Milk is the only source of income)
10) when the milk is processed at high temperature (Dairy)

In short, mental and physical stress (A2 cows) or physical limitation(A1 cows) is root cause of cancer caused by milk.

श्री कृष्ण suggests in Gita to walk on middle path. युक्त is the prefix used. Sensible decisions.

Relying on modern dairy is extreme end.
Being militant Vegan is another extreme.

We must find the middle path. युक्त path. Sensible way of living that promoted environmental and societal stability.

And when you cannot find middle path by own, seek guidance from last generation, scriptures. Research and find out local traditions.

In my limited understanding, this is about middle path:

When you buy milk from dairy, in sachets, you get information about nutritional content.

Do you get following information?

1) What food is given to cow?
2) Are there any hormone injection given?
3) Were they kept in clean place?
4) Were calves of cow given milk before milking for sell?

These factors too play role in our health or sickness (Just like Chemical farming vs Organic farming). If we say, we are educated and modern, why do we ignore these facts? Selectively wise? 😀 Self-denial? Helpless ? Slaves?

Good morning. Think about this. Take care. We must no rely on fancy brand names for our daily food. It is critical to establish link with our food i.e.

Grow your own food


Get connected with farmer and gau shala.

This is early suggestion from future. Sooner or later, society will have to move in this direction. Disconnect from food source is one of the major causes of our chaos.

Otherwise, extreme ways will lead us to collapse