Show me examples of 100 revolutions germinated from the impact of cartoon series depicting anger about policies. If not 100, 10. If not 10, 1?

Medium is not potent and powerful to stir human psyche for positive changes. It may disturb you for sometime but not for all the time.

Satire, an ability to cover up your grey cells inability/incompetence to act upon problems you see around.And what happens when this is part of mainstream activism? Shallow street corner politics discussion makers type citizens, impotent to take actions for change, for better life. They talk, laugh on satire,get angry and forget.

In the republic of superficiality & mediocrity, cartoons serve best satire, tingling nerves temporarily, but fails miserably to generate strong actions for change.

Sarcasm is drunkard’s delusion for afresh mind,satisfying for short term,the political and social rebel within.

For real changes, propose drafts, force your leaders to implement people-centric drafts.

Controversies like cartoon-controversy is classic way to engage commons in petty issues. Remember, few months back, it was Nehru-Ambedkar cartoon.

When medium becomes the message, like cartoon, essence of real message is lost. The media work us over completely. They are so pervasive in their personal, political, economic, aesthetic, psychological, moral, ethical, and social consequences that they leave no part of us untouched, unaffected, unaltered. The medium is the massage. Show me examples of media led revolutions.

On a slanted road, with more than 80 degree slope, it is always easy to slip and meet with an accident on our way down and extremely difficult to hike the way up.

Same goes with mental plane of human minds. Good perceptions – difficult to climb/digest and act. The slip is always easy, full of adrenalin/testosterone, but potentially dangerous and fatal.

We don’t need a college curriculum for self-moral-degradation. It happens…jut like that..while enjoying sensual pleasures. And one fine day, organism collapses.

So when you watch good movie, it will hardly create actionable impact. But one nasty movie…hmm…the vicious cycle starts…

Save your kids. Keep them away from pervert mediums. Make these pervert entertainment mediums insignificant by reducing their consumption. They are the ones who corrupt mass psyche.

PS: I am not trying to demean the art. But wish to see more thrust from us on real issues. Don’t get satisfied by the mental dissonance and disturbance induced by sarcasm.