I really wonder about stark attitude difference in our society. On one hand they make sure by walls and dogs that no one trespass their home and on the other hand they are least bothered about trespassing and handling of food by numerous unknown persons. 😀
If you don’t invest time and wealth in procuring and preparing real healthy fresh food for self and family, for what else do you toil 12 hrs a day @ work?
For watching PK and eating popcorn? 😀
Or to pay medical bills? 😀
Or both? 😀
More than two nodes in food supply chain means, there is something wrong with our way of treating self.
Two nodes : Farmer and Consumer (You) . No one in between 🙂 Chalo..add one more node of trusted facilitator. 😉 🙂
Do you see this reddish shade in first picture? It is indicates virility. Iron. लोह. Taste is delicious. More than that, you don’t burden digestive track for digesting and eliminating pesticides. Lot of Prana is saved. And nutrients to support growth for kids and sustenance for adult body tissues. This is fresh, directly from farm, grown using cow dung and urine,
Against this, the trend is to buy pre-cut vegetables from super market deep-fridge. 😀 And most of those vegetables are either hybrid or genetically modified, tasteless but jumbo in size and rich in color.
Who wish to compromise real stuff by size and color neatness of food? Are we so dumb now that we purchase food by color and size but not the real value of it?