स य एवं विदुष उपद्रष्टा भवति प्राणं रुणद्धि ॥५४॥ [५]
न च प्राणं रुणद्धि सर्वज्यानिं जीयते ॥५५॥ [६]
न च सर्वज्यानिं जीयते पुरैनं जरसः प्राणो जहाति ॥५६॥ [७] {१०}

अथर्ववेदः/काण्डं ११

If you are determined and on the path of self-realization sadhana, pranayama is mandatory for you. Prana-Nirodha is important as it is the way to have long life needed for self-realization. When you want to know the world by tattva, cessation of breath is necessary. Practice it under the guidance of expert.


अभि वायुं वीत्यर्षा गृणानो३ऽभि मित्रावरुणा पूयमानः ।

अभी नरं धीजवनँ रथेष्ठामभीन्द्रं वृषणं वज्रबाहुम् ॥

स्वभावगत Brahmcharya is only possible when someone masters the Prana. Otherwise, it is forceful torture on senses.