Glyphosate is a cancer causing chemical used in agriculture to kill the weeds.
Look at the exponentially increasing numbers about glyphosate usage (First image with post). Maximum numbers go to Soya and Corn.
One reason why I urge friends to avoid all processed food as it contains maximum soya and corn extracts. It’s in 60% of all processed food, from cheese to ice cream, baby formula to biscuits.
cancer pest
So banning Maggi for a month is just a image makeover for this processed food industry. If govt is really worried about citizens, more intense and harsh ban should come as a response. (Don’t worry, it won’t happen. 🙂 No govt will take such risks 😉 by hurting processed food addicts. They may not vote for them again 😀 😀 )
Ironically, most successful doctors in my city runs many fast food joints. 😀 😉 😛
If you really want to save your family from random chaotic health risks, stop all nonsense processed food. Now. Today. Be more sensible if you are parent. Educate fellow parents.
Stop the rising tide of poison. Organize your community to ban glyphosate. This graph from the U.S. Geological Survey shows the incredible increase in use of glyphosate since the beginning of Roundup Ready crops. This cannot be “safe” for people or the planet. Look for more information about glyphosate at IRT’s new website: