I am least-bothered about my son.He is product of present societal setup. I simply cannot impose anything on him. Many friends who read my post assume that I claim being best parent! ha ha. It is next to impossible to grow a child by being a best parent. Not enough. For optimum child-development, not just parents but environment play critical role.

I can do two things that are under my control.

1) I can demonstrate values I wish my son to adopt
2) I can work in sustaining healthy environment for him. To sustain the environment on both physical plane and mental plane. For physical plane, I must offer him quality food, air and water. I consider it as my utmost duty. And that is not limited to buying best organic food from superstore but actually correcting the food chain. I also need to work on correcting mental sphere around my son. And for that, I read, listen, share and re-share life-enriching ideas, here and in real life.

Being a theoretical ideal parent is not enough. It takes a village to groom a best next generation. My son will be outcome of parenting, schooling and present societal norms.

I wish my friend understand this and get rid of preconceived idea of ideal parenting. Strive for ideal culturally rooted society if you wish best next generation.


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