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Raw lemons are full of vitamin C and potassium.


    The brain normally contains one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C in the body. Experimentally, it has been shown that following a brain injury, the ascorbic acid (vitamin C) levels in the brain begin to fall rapidly.

    Any injury to the nervous system, whether it is a stroke, infection, or chronic degenerative disease. Such patients should be given extra doses of vitamin C, E, and the other antioxidant vitamins and minerals.

    The potassium helps the brain and nerve cells, improves concentration, memory and calms the mind.

    Raw lemons are full of vitamin C and potassium.

    Chilli contains capsaicin and excellent neurotransmitter. Capsaicin particles penetrate your skin, move through the tissue, and trigger deeper nerves. It releases endorphins and gives a feeling of happiness and well being. Chillies too are high in vitamin C (about twice that of citrus fruits), dried chillies are very high in vitamin A, and red chillies are a great source of b-carotene. Chillies have antibacterial qualities, and contain bioflavinoids, anti-oxidants most common in apple juice.

    The tradition of keeping nimbu-mirchi at home is not just superstition. It indeed helps neurotransmitters and keeps mind subtly alert. When eaten, it helps brain physically to remain alert. When mind and brain are in sync and alert, we take decisions with wakeful state.

    Do a google scholar search and you will find thousands research suggesting strong connection of lemon-chilli duo with brain.

    It’s not a joke. Your grand-mother is no wrong when she suggests you using nimbu-mirchi at home. Visually, it keeps mind alert. Physically, it keeps brain alert.

    Bacteria have developed intricate communication capabilities


      And we kill them with antibiotics! Fools we are! 😀

      “Bacteria have developed intricate communication capabilities (e.g. quorum-sensing, chemotactic signaling and plasmid exchange) to cooperatively self-organize into highly structured colonies with elevated environmental adaptability. We propose that bacteria use their intracellular flexibility, involving signal transduction networks and genomic plasticity, to collectively maintain linguistic communication: self and shared interpretations of chemical cues, exchange of chemical messages (semantic) and dialogues (pragmatic). Meaning-based communication permits colonial identity, intentional behavior (e.g. pheromone-based courtship for mating), purposeful alteration of colony structure (e.g. formation of fruiting bodies), decision-making (e.g. to sporulate) and the recognition and identification of other colonies – features we might begin to associate with a bacterial social intelligence. Such a social intelligence, should it exist, would require going beyond communication to encompass unknown additional intracellular processes to generate inheritable colonial memory and commonly shared genomic context.”

      Desi cow’s milk and urine contains Gold oxides


        Desi cow’s milk and urine contains Gold oxides. But we are least bothered. And we will sleep while mother is slaughtered mindlessly. All with govt support. (As per latest news, MP govt planned new slaughter house in Bhopal! Desh badal raha hai! 😀 ) When below study’s pharma application will hit the market, we will pay hefty for it!

        That is precisely slavish trait.

        Fruit pulp in carbonated drinks?


          Fruit pulp in carbonated drinks? Yuck!

          Unhealthy! Potential farmer exploitation alert! And lots of natural water waste in making them!


          Side note 1: Even if the idea comes from sage Suka and is useless, reject it! PM Modi is nowhere near to the position of sage.

          युक्तियुक्तं वचो ग्राह्यं बालादपि शुकादपि ।युक्तिहीनं वचस्त्याज्यं वृद्धादपि शुकादपि ॥

          Whatever is consistent with right objective reasoning should be accepted even if it comes from a boy or a parrot, and whatever is not, should be rejected even if it comes from an old man or the great sage Śrī Śuka himself.

          Side note 2: John Paul Holdren is senior advisor to President Barack Obama. In his report titled
          ‘Eco-science,Population,Resources,Environment’,submitted to government in 1970s, he mentioned that, population in third world countries like India will be prime issue for US. To serve the US interests, he recommended to add contraceptive chemicals in processed food, bottled water and soft drinks to have random but systematic population control.

          What is poison for you, may not be true for me


            What is poison for you, may not be true for me.

            Something is poison when it is given in overdose against the capacity of digestive fire to digest it. Bodily fire to assimilate it with body. Or when it is प्राणविहीन e.g. feeding formula, urea, processed food etc.

            Fertilizers for crops and feeding formula for infants – both are poison as they are burden for digestive fire.

            Society that promotes chemical fertilizers for crops and feeding formula for kids, is sick and insane society. We are . Our govt is! (Neem coated urea! 😀lol )


            Premature infants fed formula are more likely to develop necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) than those who are breastfed, but the mechanisms of intestinal necrosis in NEC and protection by breast milk are unknown. We hypothesized that after lipase digestion, formula, but not fresh breast milk, contains levels of unbound free fatty acids (FFAs) that are cytotoxic to intestinal cells.

            Lipase digestion of formula, but not milk, caused significant death of neutrophils (ranging from 47 to 99% with formulas vs. 6% with milk) with similar results in endothelial and epithelial cells. FFAs were significantly elevated in digested formula vs. milk and death from formula was significantly decreased with lipase inhibitor pretreatment, or treatments to bind FFAs. Protease digestion significantly increased FFA binding capacity of formula and milk but only enough to decrease cytotoxicity from milk.

            Gold greed profit


              Yesterday, when I shared news of Gold in Gau-mutra, many colleagues and friends focused only on Gold greed profit! Using mother for Gold alchemy!

              Ha ha!! such a gutter level mentality our youth possesses! Sick!

              Gold is nothing when we try to understand real nature of mother’s blessing.

              Here is one example:

              Vatsanabha is a toxic plant. But Gau mata can provide prasad, using which toxicity of Vatsanabha can be detoxified.

              Purified and detoxified Vatsanabha can be used to cure:

              1) Aconitum ferox is pungent, bitter and astringent in taste. It acts as Yogavahi – a catalyst for other medicines.
              2) It is rejuvenative, balances Tridosha, especially Vata and Kapha.
              3) It improves digestion, relieves coldness, nutritive and improves strength.
              4) It is used in Ayurvedic treatment of indigestion, anorexia, spleen disorders, gout, cough, asthma.
              5) It is used in the treatment of vision problems, night blindness, eye infections, inflammation, otitis, headache.
              6) It is useful to relieve headache, sciatica, backache.
              7) It is used as antidote for poisoning due to rats, rodents, scorpion and snake bites.

              But our modern buddhus (fools) in urban set up cannot realize value of Gau-mata. Fools consider Gau-mutra as waste. They teach their kids that it is dirty! 😀

              We have become so lazy and laggard that we can hardly realize value of Gau and protect her.

              Imagine if your kids are blessed by Gau-prasad (mutra,milk,ghee)? Imagine their physical strength! But…only when we get time from our pastime wastages and spend time at Gau-shala!

              In Ayurveda, there are herbs and procedures to improve the vision


                have weak eyes.However, even after crossing 25, I was able to restore my vision partly. And my father (doctor himself) and his eye specialist friend were stunned. They could not believe that mere barefoot regular exercise, diet regime, surya vandana could show such results. It took 2 years continuous efforts to achieve this. (It was in year 2006-07)

                Basically, I dedicate it to sheer will power and devotional confidence in Surya Namaskar.

                In Ayurveda, there are herbs and procedures to improve the vision.

                Now modern medicine says that vision can be restored. By similar mechanical methods.

                It is possible but it demands regular regime, devotion, faith and will power.

                Start your research by faith


                  If you accept that microcosm within body is nothing but reflection of macro-universe, why so much resistance to accept nuclear reactions in body where transmutation of elements happen daily? If they are happening in the outer universe, they do happen in inner universe! Sanatana principles don’t reflect hypocrisy!

                  🙂 Start your research by faith. Doubts are futile and waste of time. Life is limited. Realization is important milestone. 😉 (y)

                  PS: This is in reference to blanket denial of gold in cow urine by science students.

                  Any plan to clean toxic chemicals?


                    PMO India Any plan to clean toxic chemicals? Ban them? Under the Make In India, your govt is promoting more intense use of it. Your urbanization programs promote intense usage. Chinese products (toys esp) are full of toxins. Indirect warfare.

                    Is this not something we must learn from the west? By not repeating their mistakes?

                    What is the use of young Indians if majority of them are retarded?
                    What is the use of GDP numbers when majority citizens are retards?

                    Hmm,,zombies vote on sentiments. (y) I got it. Absolute control and controlled population growth. (y)

                    धार्मिक parents must take care.

                    It is प्राण footprint interaction


                    Try to understand. It is प्राण footprint interaction. If your environment is loaded with all sort of incompatible प्राण , प्राण released by deforestation / destruction of nature, epidemics are inevitable.

                    Check the history. It was during world wars and post war decade when the western population was sick at mass level. Check the history of metro cities. When they were under construction, people were sick most around.

                    And those survive whose innate prana (as in this research some benign bacteria protects against zika) is strong.

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