The training for excellence is to practice the embodied technologies of decision-making, the right decisions, the wise decisions, when needed by the present dharma, context, one faces. This is the goal, the ethics of the whole program of the Avatara Krisna in the Bhagavad Gita: to train Arjuna, that fallen and disturbed warrior, to make decisions, the best ones, as needed by his present dharma (his present situation), a battle field.

And this is the program of human acting, from the Rig Veda down, that Indic texts propose:

“an ethics of decision making as opposed to an ethics of compliance to rules coming from the outside.”

Here is the test whether you are still Bharatiya or being westernized heavily. Our education system has no mechanism of whatsoever in nature to teach anyone decision based on multiple ambiguous situations, self-centered decisions like “What is best among the possible?”.
If you are westernized, you perform veridical arguments (arguments coinciding with only visible reality), this is true and this is false but you miserably lack ability to make decisions in complex situations, under the cloud of multiple choices. Why, you are not taught to use your frontal lobe efficiently.

Solution: Introduce Gita in curriculum because, on आधिदैविक plane, Gita is the human body itself, sung beautifully to present her lovely form of existence. Learn her, live like how she wants you to live.