Go to any so called developing smart city. You will find new realty schemes thriving in the outskirts. Some of them under the label of weekend home. Observe their names.

“Blue Ridge”, “Azure”, “Richmond Park” , “Gloria Grand”, “Easton Wood”, “Wind Fields” 😀

Irrelevant names. Some European county names. Some examples of narcissism.

Same is true for naming the person. One actor names his son ‘Vivaan” and now we have different versions: “Nivaan”, “Jivaan”, “Kivaan”, “Tishaan” and list goes on…😀

What is right way to name country, state, person?

येन लिङ्गेन यो देशो युक्तः समुपलक्ष्यते।
तेनैव नाम्ना तं देशं वाच्यमाहुर्मनीषिणः।। महाभारतम्-01-आदिपर्व-002-008
Observe and identify unique vital signs and based on these signs, name the place or person. Nothing better than having name’s synergetic bonding with personality.

It showcases our inability to respond to effective changes in our interpersonal environment.