Many Gujarati(s) feel pride when they read news items that Gir cows in Brazil yield 80 ltr per day! Minimum 50 ltr per day!

First of all, we must get rid of this consumerist attitude and look mother as milk machine! Mother gives milk as per local terrain, food offered to her, season and care-taker’s love and care for her. Quality matters and not quantity!

Now, read these research and new items to realize why milk yield is higher!

Boost for dairy & poultry industries: Fish and beer waste are food for cattle, poultry

Most fish turned into fish-meal for LIVESTOCK


Effects of feeding fish meal to cows on digestibility, milk production, and milk composition.

Holstein cows in early lactation, producing about 30 kg/d of milk, were fed high energy diets containing 5% Megalac. Three protein treatments, soybean meal diet (16% CP), fish meal diet (16% CP), and soybean meal-fish meal diet (20% CP) were compared in a change-over design. Digestibilities of DM, gross energy, CP, and ADF were not affected significantly by protein treatments. The fish meal diet decreased DMI but increased milk and SCM production compared with the soybean meal diet. Daily production of milk, SCM, and milk components (fat, protein, and lactose) were highest and BW gain lowest for the high protein soybean meal-fish meal diet. The fish meal and soybean meal-fish meal diets increased fat percentage but decreased lactose percentage of milk compared with soybean meal diet. This suggests that, for each diet, the energy supply was adequate, and the observed changes were the effects of protein (i.e., AA) supply to the cows. Thus, there seems to be good reason to feed a good quality undegradable protein like fish meal to cows producing more than 30 kg/d of milk.