Is Wheat toxic and must avoid?


Other day, I received comment that wheat is toxic for body. घीमें तली हुई पूरी -this is not a good food.

Wheat is toxin for western world.Why?

1) Hybrid seeds (True for India too)
2) Tons of pesticides (True for India too)
3) Flour using fully automatic high heated mills – damages most of nutrients and their prana shakti
4) 365 days wheat consumption – there are no other grains in diet. Excess of anything is harmful

Yes, it is toxic for us too. But then which other grain is not? Everything grown using modern agriculture carry toxins.

“घीमें तली हुई पूरी” (Even if the wheat is loaded with toxic pesticides) is not only supplement but a mandatory prescription. Pesticides can be eliminated only when the ghee is accompanying them! 🙂

And who told you to eat wheat every day? Come winter and include different grains which demands high digestive fire!

“घीमें तली हुई पूरी” is for श्राद्ध पक्ष. Keep it clear. And of course strive for organic wheat if possible.

And who stops you buying stone-based flour mill? Best way to spend physical activities. Purpose driven exercise is must to supplement your daily exercise! And it helps young females for hassle-free pregnancies.

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