Neuroscience is top HOT medical branch for past 3 decades (once wave of genomics started receding) and in these past 3 decades, world has seen most dramatic increment in mental disorders, including perverted sex crimes.

1) Technological feat cannot assure reduction or control of disorders.
2) Root of the mental disorder is largely beyond physical body. Finding answer in physical body is tomfoolery.
3) Solution lies in mental food i.e. संस्कार or life-oriented education.
If you follow proposal in point 3), we as a society need no BAN fatwa(s).
BAN this, BAN that – this is symptom of sick society. Lack of life-oriented education results in a sick society.

Like genomics of last century, neuroscience is fad of present century. Every other day there is study of correlation between brain state and human behavior. It is not accurate picture.

Rewiring constantly happen in brain. Nothing is static. One part of brain caters various different mental states. They share jobs. They swap jobs. They take additional responsibilities in emergency.

Futile efforts to find roots of mind in brain.