One friend asked: What if parents did not take care about proper diet & karma while planning for child?

If you observe increasing juvenile crime cases , one thing will be common : Parental neglect in early childhood!

Well, child will have irregular tendency based on tridosha balance/imbalance of both parents, tridosha impact of season and Jiva’s last birth’s karma.

So? No hope thereafter?

Eternal laws are not so rigid. Maa Kali bestows everything you desire, provided you put efforts. From physical birth onward, altering fate of a child, demands focused efforts from parents.

As Charak Bhagwan says:

त्रिविधं बलमिति- सहजं, कालजं, युक्तिकृतं च|

Strength is of three types – congenital, time-effected and acquired. Congential is that which is natural to the body and mind; time-effected is due to seasonal variations and age factor. Acquired one is produced by proper application of diet and exercise.

So it is possible to acquire desired बल by will and efforts except overcoming congenital defects (due to parents carelessness or past life karma) which we cannot alter at will. Such weaknesses, we should accept with whole heart and train child to live best life with those weaknesses. Sometimes, with right supports, kids can do wonder. And I am sure, mother nature is kind enough to instill at least one strength in us to live life best 

There is still scope till the age 20 (when brain’s major neuron formation activity is completed).

Hint is in altering environment: From right food to right friends to right Guru/Guide!

Keep reading. Will share details on this site.