“Where nature is, there is health; where *Civilization is there is diseases.”
– E E Printon

Civilization here is a outcome of human arrogance which does not see nature as Mother but tries to control Nature by exploring it.

Reason why I insist संस्कृति and not civilization.

Managing Sickness : संस्कृति Approach vs Civilization Approach

Ultimate objective of mother nature behind all her actions, is not to punish her children or teach a lesson but to firmly ingrain in their minds the importance of staying within the limits of dharma. So like our mothers, she is always caring and loving towards her children but whose love sometimes takes the form of anger and even punishment.

My culture teaches me – Instead of studying diseases, finding root causes behind them with reductionist attitude ( X event occurred because Y happened in past type conclusions of modern medicine, without considering whole set of complex events that happen in environment and our peers’ lives) , learn preventive care, contemplate on this observations about prevention, and try to live life as per dharma based regime.

And if you fail to prevent disease despite all preventive cares, accept the condition with smile and surrender to mother nature. She has all remedies for her beloved. She had given your body, she knows the remedy too.

Ayurveda teaches concept of स्वभावोपरम principle. Body will tend to restore self to own स्वभाव, own birth prakriti. We as a caretaker of body, only need to provide conductive environment by controlling food, sleep and actions.