Madness for dead food


There is new obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) developed in modern Indians, under the influence of mass-communication mediums. We all are in search of more refined, more polished, better processed food sources. We want white polished rice. We want refined sugar. We want refined salt. We try refined oils of various types.

Like us, food too carry energy signature (Prana shakti/Pranic sharir) associated with it. With each process cycle to satisfy our OCD for polish, shining, whiteness, refinedness, filter , significant energy get busted in frictions with machines/hands.

Due to low at energy (Prana), food is deemed for staleness. So we add preservatives. By the time, food packets reach to market, it is almost dead. It takes monumental efforts by digestive system to digest dead food. Plus, there is no refilling of body’s prana. Accumulation of dead fat.

This is just pranic destruction. Destructions of sharir # 3,4,5 are beyond our comprehension at this moment.
Isn’t it worrisome when Govt promotes food processing industries (

Go for fresh food. Unprocessed food. Unpolished food. Save yourself from OCD related to processed and packaged food.

Our body is not just physical form. It has its own intelligent energy layer. We call it प्राणमय कोष (Pranic Body). This प्राणमय layer takes all cellular decisions and act upon physical body. Eliminating toxins is one such task. It is being performed at cellular level, organ level and body level. Everything managed by प्राणमय layer .

प्राणमय layer is a pure subtly energy. As much we use it, it is being consumed. Low at प्राण means weakness to sickness. Gradually.
So too much work of elimination means weak प्राणमय layer. Especial अपान (Apana) . अपान (Apana) resides in GUT. 80% of immunity is managed in GUT. So if you demand heavy work from अपान (Apana) for purging toxins, it will never be able do other jobs i.e. immunity. And hence sicknesses. This is the reason, post-delivery (heavy work of elimination from body), exercise is must. To stabilize the अपान (Apana) again.

Last photo depicts प्राणमय कोष of the body and its interaction with the universe.