Like their counterparts, medical science of our age is in form of reductionism; cornering one gene causing disease, generalizing symptoms, and finding solutions in chemicals.

All organisms are spatial units in which the various parts interact to form an integrated whole. Our ability to breath depends on the interplay between our nervous system, muscles, skeleton, and lungs. The function of our lungs depends on the composition of the mucus that lines its walls. The composition of the mucus depends on the proteins that transport negatively charged chloride ions. Changes in just one element of this integrated system can have disastrous consequences. Least we talk about other layers of consciousness (We talked about it several times).

So, when you treat one symptom with same standard operating procedure, chances are that you will fail more often. If you succeed, you never can foresee future consequences of actions taken with limited worldview.

True science can treat patients on individual basis. My root cause of viral fever is different from yours. Mr. XYZ’s cancer is his exclusive life journey. We must not generalize, instead we should use general pathways to find exact root cause. Imagine, if root is in mental plane and you treat it at physical level. Diseases will resurface, again and again.

And to diagnose patient individually is not mere science. It is art. It is nature’s blessing. It is specialized skill. Without Sadhana, it is difficult to get blessed.