Kitchen is no different than school for Indian homes. School is where (ideally) kids get संस्कार while Kitchen (पाकशाला) is where food gets संस्कार (a mental and physical transformation that makes food digestible for all family members).

From शरद ऋतु to शिशिर ऋतु, slowly our body’s digestive fire is increased. And to support this fire, our festivals indicate to eat sweets. So that Pitta and Kapha remain balanced.

On the other hand, we prepare sweets from Mawa. Mawa is prepared by intense heating of milk. (अग्नि संस्कार). Due to this, it becomes hard to digest. Not so hard for young in family. But if you have low digestive dire (despite favorable season for intense bodily fire, due to sickness or old age), there is solution for it. The prepared sweet is coated by supporting material.

Ayurvedic documents consider silver as an antimicrobial astringent, while gold is claimed to be an aphrodisiac. So even if you eat sweets with मंद जठराग्नि, the coating material will take care of toxins generated due to inefficient digestion of mawa sweets.

Gold and silver are no more affordable so now it is foolish to expect real silver coating on sweets. 🙂

Day by day, purpose was forfeited and the coating became decoration.

And now toxic decoration. Beware and avoid.

Even milk is scarce resource so it is foolish to expect real mawa based sweets/

But we cannot / must not stop eating sweets during these three seasons (शरद,हेमन्त,शिशिर) to balance pitta of the body.


Replacing mawa sweets with chocolates from Cadbury or Amul is the worse solution! 🙂 Avoid!

Get milk from genuine gaushala. Prepare mawa sweets at home. Use different ways to increase digestive fire i.e. Ajwain water in the morning. Sunth (सौंठ) before meals etc. before eating sweets with meal.

Avoid mawa/milk sweets at public functions like marriage. They are for sure not worth toxins!