Ever thought,why it is easy to lure teens?In teen age, they live in fantasy age.Sadly,Bollywood pirates control their mind-space. And music plays hidden but powerful role in this luring.

Not sure, whether you notice this or not. Although background music always played critical role in nurturing psyche of movie-audience by selling them the content ever since the inception of it, upbeat music keeps audience bounded to the content, even after the show is over. Any dangerous memes you wish to inject in mass? Invest more in background score.


Films are generally fantasies. And fantasies by definition defy logic and reality. They conspire with the imagination. Music works upon the unconscious mind. Consequently, music works well with film because it is an ally of illusion. Music plays upon our emotions. It is generally a non-intellectual communication. The listener does not need to know what the music means, only how it makes him feel. Listeners, then, find the musical experience in film one that is less knowing and more feeling. The onscreen action, of course, provides clues and cues as to how the accompanying music does or is supposed to make us feel.

To comprehend fully what music does for movies, one should see a picture before and after its scored, first in rough cut and then in final cut. Not only are dramatic effects heightened by the addition of music and, frequently, sound effects, but in many instances the faces, voices, and even the personalities of the players are experientially altered. Music adds something we might call heightened realism or supra-reality. [1]

Remember, it is Zimmer’s background score, that has played influential role in making Inception hit. It is the music that allowed to perfect the dream within dream sequence. Otherwise, it is all plain one scene cut to another.

In film music it was found that an audience could be influenced into buying the character or mood state of an actor—rather than simply of a scene and its overall mood—if a theme, ballad, or motif was connected to the actor and repeated over and over, with tonal variations, no matter what the context.[1]

Now, come back to present. Media is more pervasive in the era of mobile technology wiht unlimited data pack. Not only that, with the help of technology, industry is producing , best background score.

Finally, on the subject, according to film composer Lawrence Rosenthal,

“Film, unlike theater, is essentially a visual-aural rather than verbal-intellectual medium. Even though film and the stage play obviously share certain properties, such as dramatic action, dialogue, and character, the basic nature of the film is quite different. “One of the chief differences is that in a film, sound becomes a highly expressive sensory element, whether it be music, sound effect, or speech. Total silence is an unnatural vacuum in a film. The ear seems to insist on filling it—whether with a few harp notes, the rustle of clothing, or a human voice. Of course, a great express train could race by on the screen, accompanied by perfect silence or with its natural sound replaced by that of a plaintive woodwind, and that might be enormously effective, but the point is that SOME SOUND—or silence in relation to preceding and subsequent sounds—seems essential. In principle, dialogue plays a lesser role in the aural complex of a film than it does on the stage, where, of course, it enjoys complete supremacy. Hence, the correspondingly greater importance of music and sound in motion pictures.” (quoted in Thomas, 1991) [1]

Anti-cultural story-base with super influential background score : Easy to brainwash mass! Easy to sell all pervert ideas in name of drama!

Let me give you two recent examples to judge what I shared. How the mass-hysteria is created with Social media advertisement, following popular series, loaded with content full of societal value damage, are viral and popular demand things. Focus on music.

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I gave you examples to introspect. Is this how we lose to our अधार्मिक opponents? Save your self, family and friends. De-addict society from movie/tv/web-series obsession. Educate. Don’t let our dear ones’ succumb to the prey!