This is my conversation with 5 years old son. His learning diary. Old posts can be read here : or on Facebook tag


Although he is maintaining his Sankalpa for 3 months and did not watch TV, we thought to watch it together for 20 mins to taste the poison a bit again after staying away from it by self-will . We decided to watch Malgudi Days. The famous first series: Swami and his friends.

My goal was to expose him to village schools, friendships etc.

After watching, as expected, there was a question:

“Pappa, a question!”

“Yes, Beta.”

“All kids in this show had cap on head. I don’t see kids wearing it to school anymore. Sometimes kids wear it when they go to playground but that is it. Why? Are those kids show in TV are different from us?”

“First of all, wonderful observation beta! You picking right things from the media! What those kids were wearing is known as पघडी/साफा. It was integral part of our clothes few decades back. ”

“Why not now? Was it not useful?”

“Indeed, it was useful and very much needed for regions like us (tropical). It served several purposes. But then we picked bad things for TV and media, reason why we don’t watch TV at home. It was taught by TV that it is inferior to wear it. So people stopped wearing it.”

“Bad, we should start wearing it. What are the benefits?”

“We must wear it under the exposure of extreme heat, cold and wind. There are rules for it. I am studying it, will explain you in detail.”

“Yes. Let us wear it for travelling on bike, or when walking/playing under the sun.”


My job is now to explain him value of protecting grey and white matter by wearing cap at right occasions.

Meaning of Turban in Indian Culture