Chemoprevention is a new branch in cancer cure. Scientists are trying to find ways to prevent chemo. They see flavonoid-rich fruits as hope.

Seasonal local fruits. Try to identify them and include them in daily regime. One step forward, find out local authentic organic sources.

We covered benefits of Jamun against diabetes here (

New evidences are suggesting that berries (For cold climates – blueberries. For us in India – Jamun) can also help in curing cancer.

Cancer, like many modern life-diseases are outcome of extreme inflammation in body. In normal person, पित्त प्रकोप is observed seasonal, like during Sharad Ritu but when we don’t care about our food regimen and habits, पित्त प्रकोप becomes our prakriti.

Jamun, being पित्तहर, works on inflamed sites, including cancer sites. (It is also कफहर.But being वातकर, don’t have it high quantity. Take measures to control Vata if you are using it as medicine)

Since modern medicine believes in attacking the sick conditions, they use chemo and radio therapy to get rid of cancer sites. And to avoid the impact on healthy cells, they see usefulness of berries.

Instead of it, it is good idea to eat local fruits regularly. We don’t need exotic blueberries when the same guna is present in local jambuns.

Eat jamun fruits during season and save seeds for rest of the year.


Blueberry as a Potential Radiosensitizer for Treating Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer (CC) is a leading cause of death in women worldwide. Radiation therapy (RT) for CC is an effective alternative, but its toxicity remains challenging. Blueberry is amongst the most commonly consumed berries in the United States. We previously showed that resveratrol, a compound in red grapes, can be used as a radiosensitizer for prostate cancer. In this study, we found that the percentage of colonies, PCNA expression level and the OD value of cells from the CC cell line SiHa were all decreased in RT/Blueberry Extract (BE) group when compared to those in the RT alone group. Furthermore, TUNEL+ cells and the relative caspase-3 activity in the CC cells were increased in the RT/BE group compared to those in the RT alone group. The anti-proliferative effect of RT/BE on cancer cells correlated with downregulation of pro-proliferative molecules cyclin D and cyclin E. The pro-apoptotic effect of RT/BE correlated with upregulation of the pro-apoptotic molecule TRAIL. Thus, BE sensitizes SiHa cells to RT by inhibition of proliferation and promotion of apoptosis, suggesting that blueberry might be used as a potential radiosensitizer to treat CC.