Insects don’t fight. At the most they surrender. But in one sided war, they are meant to be crushed mercilessly. Country full of IPL/Cricket lovers, Bollywood fanatics, pseudo-aesthetic lovers, Blind followers, are meant to be crushed. Let us change our identity radically in national interest.

Let us kill entertainment addiction so that we get some good quality time to prepare and dedicate self for larger identity than self called THE NATION.

Wake up now or be ready to get perished soon. The process has started.

I don’t rely on govt for much needed change we all strive for Maa Bharati. We must start from our home. Are we entertainment hungry? If yes, it is impossible for us to spend time for national transformation.

Dare to break this insect attitude. Divert all your expected Cricket World cup watching and gossiping time in more constructive activities.

Farming, gardening, organizing, researching, meetings…many things to do.