It is biggest act of foolishness to consider non-humans as dumb or dead.

Intelligence is inherent trait of all organisms. For some, it may be different medium or limited representation but it does exist.

““A wounded plant will warn its neighbors of danger,” says Bais, who is an associate professor of plant and soil sciences in UD’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. “It doesn’t shout or text, but it gets the message across. The communication signals are in the form of airborne chemicals released mainly from the leaves.”

Sweeney delved into work in Bais’ lab at the Delaware Biotechnology Institute after school, on weekends and during summer breaks, culturing an estimated thousand Arabidopsis plants for experiments. Seeds were placed in petri plates and test tubes containing agar, a gelatinous growing medium. Each batch of seeds would germinate after about six days, transforming into delicate-stemmed three-inch plants with bright-green leaves.

One day in the lab, Sweeney put two plants a few centimeters apart on the same petri plate and made two small cuts on the leaf of one to simulate an insect’s attack.”

Rutvij Dave It raises a moral question. Are we hurting plants by eating them? I heard Deepak Chopra say in one of his videos that vegetarian diet is good because plants do not feel pain as they don’t have a central nervous system.

Nisarg Joshi Excellent question. I have answer but need to frame it well. Will reply.

But in short, a hint: We don’t rely on live part of the plants for most of the items. Hence, items like sprouts, I prefer to avoid.

Observe all grains, fruits and vegetables. We use the dead or almost dead parts. And there are times prescribed in scriptures to pluck them when the pain sensation is felt least in plants. Generally – Amavasya.

Traditionally, wood is also collected from dead trees or ripen part of the tree. And it is only collected on Amavasya. Wood collected otherwise is not long lasting. It comes with the impact of imperfect ignorant karma of cutting it abruptly. Reason why furniture now more stay for 10-15 years. Forget about wood house.

We also don’t eat fresh grains. We keep them for 1 or 2 years. Older – better- It is because they still have Prana. And that prana sends negative signals to our embodied prana.


Plants call 911, too

Illustration by Jeffrey Chase and photo by Kathy F. Atkinson

Injured plants warn neighbors of danger, UD study finds

Homing in on chemical signals

“So the injured plant is sending signals through the air. It’s not releasing these chemicals to help itself, but to alert its plant neighbors,” Bais says.

What are these mysterious concoctions, known scientifically as volatile organic compounds, and how long do they persist in the atmosphere or in soil for that matter — is it like a spritz of perfume or the lingering aroma of fresh-cooked popcorn?

“We don’t know yet,” says Bais, who has already started this next leg of the research. “But if you go through a field of grass after it’s been mowed or a crop field after harvesting, you’ll smell these compounds.”

Bais credits Sweeney for the discovery, praising his hard work and willingness to learn, on top of his other high school studies and swimming upwards of 22 hours a week.

“You have to approach this work with dedication and completeness. You can’t just do it halfway,” Bais says. “In Connor, you have grad student material. Wherever he will go, he will shine.”

“Working with Dr. Bais has been great,” Sweeney says. “Most kids don’t get to work in a lab. I’ve actually completed the whole project and written a paper. It’s very exciting.”

Sweeney also credits swimming for helping him with the science.