What is the use of knowing length of river Nile and area of Amazon Jungle when I never visited jungle next door or never had a bath in river flowing at doorstep?

Grass lands around you are turning desert and you want your kids to know Sahara?
Forests are cut daily in million hectare lands but you want your kid to do project on Amazon? 😀
Cows are slaughtered next door but you want your kid to do project on Zebra? :O
Chemical pollution is rampant, penetrated in your food, water and air but you want your kid to learn about Hawai island? 😀

How many times did you write to pollution control board about blatant misuse of laws by industries?

Get Real. Don’t live in illusion created by Mass Media. Don’t succumb to imaginary distant world. Start worrying about local. It is local that will protect you.

Schools should do field trips to worse polluted area and ask students to submit reports to Govt and beloved Modi ji 🙂 But schools are busy in AC classrooms and making multi media presentation