भारतीय इतिहास 101 – Kesava Deo Temple

Grandeur lost to barbaric fanaticism

Image is not of actual place.
Image is not of actual place.

Ghazni was fanatic. Highly devout and religious sultan killed 100000 Bharatiya every year in Central Bharat.Teimur Lung killed 100000 per day in 1399. In three days of carnage, his army raped and killed innumerable citizens of Bharat.

The main temple of Mathura, Kesava Deo Temple, was so colossal that Ghazni guessed that it would take 200 years to build similar in his own country. His secretary wrote in his account “It was much beyond any descriptions and grandeur!”. Yet, it was reduced to rubble, after tons of precious metal and stones looted.

On the sacred Sri Krishna Kesava Deo temple ( site where Krishna is rumoured to be born ) at Mathura he built the Katra Masjid mosque, by he left the back part of the mosque with temple walls.
Hypocrite world cry hard about Hitler’s ethnic cleansing but blissfully ignores ethnic cleansing going on in India for last 1000 years. Forget the world, Maa Bharti’s own sons don’t see any wrong in it. As such a huge cleansing would not be possible without local traitors support.

First Islam did ethnic cleansing, followed by Christian and now ‘Modernism’.

So question to all of you who consider themselves as Hindus?

Are Hindus today(Since debacle started) fit for Hinduism? Because, only when we are not fit for principles we believe in, we collapse.

Physical collapse is always recorded much later on time line after mental & moral collapse happens. What we see now was seeded at least 2000 years back.

As a Clinical Psychology Professor and practicing Clinical psychologist,
I have worked with several persons suffering from cognitive disorders.

It is a common phenomena among addicts,oppressed people, people undergoing psychological torture, slavery,prologned imprisonment, people who suffered under colonial oppression and people who are brainwashed. The prologned mental torture through brainwashing techniques and physical oppression affect their consciousness. The distorted consciousness is transferred to the collective unconscious (community). To protect their survival,the cognitive distorted people join with the oppressor and oppress their own community. Take for example, that more blacks are killed in this country by blacks. More Hindus join with our enemies to oppress other Hindus (Communists, Liberals, Pseudo-secularists). Their mind is scarred, behavior is affected, thinking is distorted. A clear, constructive, critical, systemic thinking is impossible for them. They fail to distinguish between friends and foe. A thick wall of denial is built around them to project a distorted philosophy of living. It is a confused state of living. slavery is reframed as freedom. They may feel good, but they are not getting better. In the long run, crime, violence, distorted thinking, misdirected goals, lack of clear systemic planning sets in the communities. As a result families, communities and the nations are lost. Some Hindus are showing these symptoms in their cognitive deliberations, political thinking, action strategies and observations. we need to break their wall of denial, clean their minds, remove false belief systems, inject clear thinking format, eradicate thinking errors and provide new concepts and brave behavior strategies.

It is a long process. RSS and VHP are trying their best to organize and re-shape their minds. we have a long way to go.

Physically, Hindus are free, but they are enslaved by distorted
ideologies. we have to make them free. Only a free society can
contribute for the upliftment of nations. Poetry, philosophy, political
science and life sciences can only flourish in a free society. Cognitive
distortion encourages Hindus to pick up false vales. A value is valuable only if the value is valuable to them at a valuable time. It is time for us to inject synergy and real Hindus values. Again, thanks for your free, critical and meaningful comments.

– Dr. Babu Suseelan
[From mail forward]